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Page 6B: Commendations, Publications and Citations

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Diplomas of Commendation

Timelines certificate

The Timelines Future Award Certificate

Dove Award Legacy certificate

The Dove Award Certificate of Recognition


The following articles have been reprinted in the journal or magazine stated:

1. From the RED pages: "Death for threeha'p'orth of suckers"

"Footprints": The Journal of the Northamptonshire Family History Society: Vol 32 No 2 15 - 18 (November 2009)

2. From the TEAL pages: "Giving back Nellie her birthright"

The Journal of the Leicestershire and Rutland Family History Society: No. 138 11 - 17 (December 2009)

3. From the RED pages: "We Are The Barrack Yard Preservation Society"

"Footprints": The Journal of the Northamptonshire Family History Society:
Part 1. Vol 36 No 4 22 - 25 (May 2014); Part 2. Vol 37 No 1 38 - 41 (August 2014)

4. From the RED pages: "Craxford Lane: A Genealogy"

"Footprints": The Journal of the Northamptonshire Family History Society:
Part 1. Vol 39 No 2 25 - 28 (November May 2016); Part 2. Vol 39 No 3 10 - 15 (February 2017)

5. From the RED pages: "Paperboy unknowingly delivers newspapers to the granddaughters of his great uncle's murderer"

The Journal of the Leicestershire and Rutland Family History Society: No. 169 24 - 27 (September 2017)

6. From the RED pages: "358: Our Family Home (1947-1986)"
and "Growing Up On Fosse Road North, Leicester"

The Journal of the Leicestershire and Rutland Family History Society: No. 172 21 - 26 (June 2018)


The following is a list of web sites which have quoted our pages as a source of reference:

1. Leicester's Chronology: Twentieth Century

"Family history websites often provide snapshots of life in Leicester, as on the Craxford Family website which looks particularly at the area around Fosse Road North."

East Midlands Oral History Archive

2. Murder in Cottingham

The story of the killing of 6 year old Thomas Christopher Claypole which refers to the article and supporting materials in the RED pages

A history of the village of Cottingham, Northamptonshire: Customs and Legends

3. The Britannia Theatre

Two references to articles in the PURPLE pages about the Britannia Theatre and the Craxford family involvement.

The Britannia Theatre at Wikipedia

Cinema Treasures: Britannia Theatre

4. W.H. Lane Crauford

"W. H. Lane Crauford was the pen name of William Harold Craxford (1884-1955). Craxford was born into a theatrical family but worked for most of his life at the Midland Bank. In his spare time he published many novels, some of which were crime novels and others of which were light social comedy in the spirit of P. G. Wodehouse."


Golden Age of Detection

5. The Red Barn Murder: Writings and Images relating to the murder of Maria Martin in 1827

Red Barn Murder related links which refers to the article in our BLUE pages

The Red Barn Murder at redbarnmurder.blogspot

Continued in column 2...

Tokens of friendship

This section is designed to hold expressions of friendship, esteem and affection from other web masters and designers. They are not sought. They are unconditional and not competitive. They are received and displayed in the spirit in which they are presented.

O.N.Z.C.D.A Friendship Award

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship." ( Ralph Waldo Emerson - adapted). No matter our path in life we all have occasions where we meet or, as in the case of the internet, communicate with many very special people. Lasting friendships evolve with bonds so strong that it often seems as though we have 'really known' each other forever.
Kind regards, Rhonda O.N.Z.C.D.A.(December 4th 2009)

Timelines Friendship Award

Timelines is honored to become one of the friends of your beautiful Extended Craxford Family Genealogy Magazine. I have added your award graphic to the page of my friends on the web . Please accept in return my Timelines Friendship Award, the graphic is attached. Best wishes for your brilliant website
Friedrich, Timelines Awards
(December 9th 2009)

Mond Award Friendship

What a wonderful idea, what a wonderful surprise! I thank you very much for this special honour and friendship. Kind regards.
Jenny, Mond Awards
(April 12th 2010)

FunTyne Friendship badge

Again, I thank you for finding me worthy of your friendship. It is nice to know when you are appreciated. It is with great pride that your gift is displayed on this page. I hope you accept the gift of our friendship in return.
Sandra Gerbers, Fun Tyme Entertainment.
(March 21st 2012)

Poetic Soul Friendship badge
Lupe's Award Friendship badge
Time Award Friendship badge

Thank you very much for your nice friendship token. My father died in 2007 and this was the worst moment of my life. He was a marvelous father and friend - how I intend to be with my 34 years old son. I use this opportunity to send you my Friendship Awards.
Lupércio Mundim.
Poetic Soul (March 21st 2012)
Lupe's Portal (October 10th 2012)
Time Award (January 10th 2013)

Citations (continued)

6. Owen Brannigan (5 Quick facts)

Refers to a review of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera "Pirates of Penzance" in the TEAL pages

pipl: "The most comprehensive people search on the web"

7. Utopia Limited

A referenced external link from a dissertation on the Gilbert and Sullivan opera to our review series in the TEAL pages

Utopia Limited in wikipedia

8. El-Alamein

Edited by Emerson Kent this site documents Wars, Battles and Revolutions throughout recorded time. Personal accounts and experiences of World War II make reference to the War Diaries of George Craxford and the Battle of El-Alamein in the RED pages.

El-Alamein at History for the Relaxed Historian

9. POW: Stalag IX-A

John William Nessworthy's account of being a prisoner of war in a German camp towards the end of World War II has been chosen to illuminate this section of Emerson Kent's site. His diary can be found in our BLUE pages.

Stalag IX-A at History for the Relaxed Historian

10. The third battle of Ypres (Paschendaele)

The Emerson Kent site has cited the journal of William Curtis (taken from our BROWN pages) as an illustration of this historic and savage battle from World War I.

The third battle of Ypres at History for the Relaxed Historian

11. The Mesopotamia Campaign

Emerson Kent refers to our recent account of the short life of Stanley Craxford Griffin (the RED pages) in his history of World War I.

Mesopotamia at History for the Relaxed Historian

12. Cottingham, Northamptonshire

"A genealogy site with photos of former residents": External Links reference to the Northamptonshire section of the RED pages

Cottingham at wikipedia

Last updated: June 6th 2018

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