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Breaking new ground

Welcome to the first of our colour supplements dedicated to families associated with but not directly linked to the Craxford family tree. A glance at my pedigree file will tell you that the surnames (Nessworthy, Simpson) referenced here are associated with my wife Judith - hence the formal name of the supplement. Their relationships to me do need to be reflected in my own researches but I am acutely aware that there is no direct blood line between the two trees and I must maintain constraint and self-discipline in how far I allow the Craxford tree to become a 'jungle'.

It was the desire to give her son a start in tracing his forebears that led me into the intricacies and interwoven world of families living in the counties adjacent to the River Tyne in Northern England. It did not take me long to stumble across mysteries that occurred a century and a half ago. Each time a census paper was unearthed or a registration certificate was discovered one question was answered but another two were raised. Just a few generational steps away from my start point has led me into close contact with several other researchers working on the same or nearby branches of the tree.

I will be leaving the development of the content of this supplement in the hands of my three associate editors: Anne Brooks (from Canada - and also a Nosworthy), Ken Nesworthy (from North East England) and John Nessworthy (from the North West). It will be largely their decision how far they in their turn allow this tree and supplement to develop. The world is full of interesting stories - stories that we feel it is our duty to expose and publish. We hope that there will be many more articles forthcoming about individuals from these and other families linked to the Nesworthy tree. It will also be possible to search the database for the genealogical details of either tree. We are keen to invite you, the reader, to send us your available memories and photographs of ancestors mentioned within.

In the mean time, thank you for reading. Enjoy!!

Last Revised: March 3rd 2016

Guild of One-Name Studies web site THE GUILD OF ONE-NAME STUDIES
Added January 14th 2007
Nessworthy (and its variant - Nesworthy) has been registered with the Guild. We will be happy to respond to any queries this may produce.

Meet the editors

Anne Brooks

Anne Brooks Associate Editor

You might wonder when you first see this page, how on earth does one Canadian and one fellow from South Shields become responsible for the content on the Nessworthy section of a website belonging to a fellow who lives in North Shields. The internet is a wonderful tool for genealogists; it allows us to meet and greet people we would never, ever find in any other way.

John Nessworthy

John Nessworthy
Associate Editor

My maiden name was Nosworthy and my search began about five years ago. It led me to Staverton, Devon where my great, great grandfather, Robert Nosworthy, was born. He had a brother, Matthew, and in time I followed him to South Shields and learned of his name change to Nurseworthy and eventually Nesworthy. About six months ago I casually posted a message on a Rootsweb mailing list in the hope that someone with an interest in the name would contact me. Early in April of this year, I received an email from Ken Nesworthy stating he had read my message; he had been researching the name for 25 years and said he would love to fill in the gaps for me. Within a day or so he telephoned me, and we quickly discovered that we could indeed help each other.

Ken Nesworthy

Ken Nesworthy
Associate Editor

About a week later, I put the name Nessworthy in a search engine and was delighted to find Alan Craxford's website and his work on this line. Neither Alan nor Ken knew each other, so that of course, was the next step. I had to smile when I told them it took one Canadian, 4000 miles away, to be instrumental for their meeting just across the river ! As a result of all this, Alan has graciously asked Ken and I to share what we believe we know about the Nessworthy family and to contribute research as it accumulates. We are hoping that you will help us by telling us what we don't know, and, what we need to know, so that questions will be answered and the puzzle pieces put together.

Anne Brooks, New Brunswick, Canada

A Tyneside Roll Call

Over time, as our investigations have proceeded, we have come to realise that no one family can be meaningfully studied in isolation. The chart below lists the most common family surnames from the BLUE pages. Each person counted will have at least one event (birth, marriage, place of residence etc) recorded in our database which occurred in the present day county of Tyne and Wear.

  Surname Count
1 Nesworthy/Nessworthy 236
2 Welch 40
3 Simpson 36
4 Georgeson 28
5 Elliott 25
6 Offenberg 19
7 Sheals 4
Our surnames for Tyne and Wear

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