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Welcome to the '69 Club' Magazine.


The 69 Club Yearbook

The '69 Club' Yearbook

ADC, site administrator

Alan Craxford
Site Administrator

It is with great pleasure that I am opening this colour section dedicated to my classmates who attended medical school at St Andrews and Dundee, Scotland, and who, like me graduated in 1969. The nub of the idea crystallised out of my family history interests which have generated the articles and database behind the rest of this website. I had already written a trio of articles about my own pre-history a couple of years ago (the last three features on The Leicester Craxfords page) and I felt with the passing of the years, the time was right to document the dawn of my majority and adult activities. Initially the project was to be no more than a triptych charting my college experiences, the years in training and finally my ultimate practice.

Airlie Hall Medic Group 1966

Were we ever that young?

My first disincentive was an almost absolute lack of photographic or documentary evidence stretching back through the mists of time. Very few of us owned cameras in those days and my copy of the yearbook (a fondly remembered resource) had met with an early and untimely demise soon after graduation. Truth to tell, I had not ventured that far north of the border for 38 years and, so remiss of me, I had also lost touch with the year club. A colleague who lives nearby came up with a rather grainy picture, taken in 1966, of our Hall of Residence Group and Doug Reid kindly posted me his Yearbook all the way from Canada. At that time, my ambitions were still very limited but the sight of that book coupled with a planned reunion in St Andrews in 2009 led me to widen my horizons and attempt to create an electronic “’69 Club Yearbook” on line and document the memories and achievements of the whole class “forty years on”!

The Extended Craxford Family website and the software behind it is the ideal medium with which to produce such a volume. It is based on a genealogical package and in many respects we are one large family. The main website has been running for five years and I am fairly confident of its security capabilities. It shares with other genealogy programmes the ability to mask the identities of “the living”. For this reason, the membership has been conceived as a family tree and you will need to obtain a login account to see the full collection. It also means that I do not have to obtain a separate domain address or web hosting package to develop and maintain it although in time, if the demand is there, it could be split off as a standalone website (with the financial implications that involves). I am able to trial different ideas in the main database before moving the working model into the Yearbook area. I am building the magazine with the intention of complementing, and not duplicating, the Yearclub forum which Neil Freshwater maintains.

So, what am I asking of you, my fellow members? Well, any project of this potential magnitude depends on the interest and involvement of everyone. Initially I will be asking you all for three things:

  • A “potted” cv
  • Your recollections of your time at university
  • An article of your activities and of what you have been doing since then

Rag tags

"Sly Puss O'Coyne" Rag tags from the '60s

As far as your personal details are concerned, this can be as sketchy or as detailed as you wish to make them - and they can be easily added to later. It would be very useful to be able to chart the places you have lived or worked over the years. The package has a Google mapping facility built in which can trace out your own life map, linking photographs to places along the way. There is a demonstration of this on my own personal page. Although I would not want to get too involved in further individual research here, this is a family history website. So if you did decide that you wanted to start or develop your own family tree with all that retirement spare time just around the corner, you are welcome to add details of your grandparents, children etc and you would be able to download this as a genealogy standard GEDCOM file into your own programme. I'd be happy to help with that. (There is a guide to family history research elsewhere on the site: This is my crack cocaine) I will post a specimen form on the site in due course.

The idea of the articles is that together they will provide a patchwork of experiences of University life in the 1960s which should become a fascinating and valuable social and historical volume. So please start scratching your memories, racking your brains, raking through your old photographs and committing thoughts and anecdotes to paper.


Terry Wilkin

Terry Wilkin (1945-2017)
(Added April 23rd 2017)


It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Terence 'Terry' J Wilkin who died on March 1st this year. He was Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolism at the University of Exeter Medical School. A memorial service is to be held at St Mary's Church, Twyford near Winchester on June 24th 2017. We extend our thoughts, prayers and condolences to Linda and family

Hot news! What's New!!

Reunion archive goes live. Photographs from (almost) all the previous reunions can be found here on PAGE 2: REUNIONS

There are still a few St Andrews 2009 Reunion mugs available, priced at £5 plus p&p. Payment is accepted by PayPal. Contact me at the email address below.

The story so far

CLASS MEMBERS: Please register for a user account
Click the link in the left navigation bar which leads to the registration form. This is equipped with a security facility ("captcha") which I trust is not too inconvenient. Also add enough basic information so that admin can recognise you.
Alternatively send me an email and I'll do it for you!
REGISTERED TO DATE: 26       "Life Maps" activated: 5

In place

69 Club tie

Spotted at Kinsale

The Year Club magazine will continue to evolve over the months to come. The "Class of 69" tree currently holds a skeleton of every member of the class. The database can be searched by surname and by place name from the links in the upper area of the left navigation bar. The Year Book has been scanned as double page spreads. Pages can be looked at individually - each page provides links to the personal pages of the three members concerned. It can also be viewed as a gallery by loading (preferably the front page) and then activating the slide show.

Thumbprint photographs from the yearbook are being added to each member's page. These are being supplemented by up to date photographs - many of which were taken at the reunion in Kinsale. If I missed anyone, I would be grateful for a recent photograph to help complete the collection. You can see these recent results by going to the "Album" link and choosing the "Class69" album. We will also be adding various photographs from the past and the first of these, including some memories of hall, are grouped together in "Gallery 1".

The "Feature Article" links will lead to members' articles and other items of interest. I will be looking to research the archives in Dundee for photographs and other background material.

What's on the other pages


Accounts and photographs of the present event in St Andrews and (almost) all the previous events starting with the reunion in Kinsale, 2007.


Your chance to send your thoughts and comments about items which have appeared on these pages


Ways of adding additional information to individual's pages; members articles and photographs: all needed if the concept of the "Yearbook 40 years on" is to continue to develop.


The University of Dundee is keen to welcome any members of the graduating Class of 69 to its alumni community, particularly because such a large part of their medical education took place in Dundee.

Feature articles

Ken Freshwater: Access for article ST ANDREWS REUNION 2009: A REPORT
"Audience participation was well to the fore as he had given each table a kazoo to blow to provide feedback on his performance."

A starter dish: Access to gallery ST ANDREWS 2009: PHOTOGRAPHS
The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews.

Papyrus to Pixels: Access for article MUSEUM AND ARCHIVE: A VISIT TO OUR MEDICAL PAST.
"Indeed work started on the Ninewells site in 1965 but the new hospital did not open its doors until 1974 - five years too late for us to experience it."

Year book: Access for article EDITORIAL
"It is the function of the book to recall to us, when we are in our Anecdotage, something of the lost flavour of life as a student."

College crest: Access for article TOWN, GOWN AND TRADITIONS: THEN AND NOW
"... the visible identification with the university being a deterrent to entering local brothels and taverns."

Airlie Place: Access for article AIRLIE HALL, QUEEN'S COLLEGE, DUNDEE
"... every now and again an intrepid resident was foolish enough to test the system which was strictly against the rules of course."

House 16: Access for article SPIRIT OF DELIGHT: Part 1. Queen's College, Dundee
"Buy four pints, a pack of 20 cigarettes, take your lass to the Golden Divans, have a couple of fish suppers and still have change from a pound."

Degree certificate: Access for article SPIRIT OF DELIGHT: Part 2. A Tale of Two Cities
"We were in competition for the same experience with the student midwives so none of us recorded our full complement ."

The Airlie Morning Post: Access for article THE AIRLIE MORNING POST (TAMP)
An unofficial, topical but whimsical news-sheet seemed an interesting concept, although we had little idea of how to set it up or where the project would go.

Graduates GALLERY 1.
A first series of archive photographs presented by class members

Airlie Place, Dundee - East side GALLERY 2.
A second series of photographs featuring Airlie Hall

Alumnus Journal: Access for article DUNDEE ALUMNI
"No graduate in July 1969 elected to take the Dundee degree ..."

Dundee crest: Access for article IPSE DIXIT - A SURVEY
Given the chance, what would you ask your great great grandmother? What would you like your great great grandchildren to know about you?

email If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site in general, or you have further information regarding this article, please Get in touch by leaving a message in our Guestbook. If you don't want the message to be added to the Guestbook, just say that in your text. We look forward to hearing from you.

The University of St Andrews 1969 Medics forum

Set up and moderated by Neil Freshwater on Yahoo, the 1969medics Group provides a forum, notice board and communication point for registered class members. There are facilities for uploading photographs and other files, conducting polls. making announcements and sending emails.

This is the place for keeping in touch.

Page added - November 15th 2007
Last update: April 23rd 2017

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