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Page 3. Letters to the Editor    


Lewis Reay, Portugal
Barbara Boyle, Scotland
Chris Morris, UK


Lewis Reay

Lewis Reay

Pam and I spent some time yesterday evening looking at your site and also at the photos of the reunion which Mike has placed on the Yahoo site. You have taken some really nice classmate photos. They, and their name labels, certainly helped us to identify a few on Mike's collection which we otherwise would have failed with but we are still failing for a few - perhaps wives and husbands who wenever knew, when students. Hopefully, labels to the Kinsale photos will appear in due course.

All full of fond memories and we are really glad that it was a really memorable weekend in Kinsale. Mike Harris was an usher at our wedding and he also appears to have been a very fine host for this event. He remains personally and individually totally responsible for Pam and me getting together again after we had each graduated and gone our separate professional ways. Amazing what a beer together in Dundee can do. Mike has a lot to answer for and we (speaking for me at least) are really glad for Mike's early works in his 'arranging reunions' career. Sadly our paths with Mike have been lost over the intervening years - as is the case, sadly, for many, even most of us.

We are going to find it very interesting to hear how the years have been for each of us and your plans will become a beyond a price for us all as they develop. Thank you again for being so willing to embark upon such a mission.

Over the years, my classmate contacts have been very few. I met John Orr most recently at a training course in Edinburgh and that was good. Ken Freshwater and I exchanged e-mails a few months ago when he was coming to Portugal (but not our part unfortunately) but the chat and the establishment of contact was also good.


We also crossed paths pleasantly with Peter Semple and Neil McDougall briefly from time to time when we were all in Glasgow and I also a lovely meeting with Sheila White/ Lendrum while on a professional visit in Dundee a few years ago. It was a real delight for me to have a relaxed reminisce together with her.

We are sad at the demise of Jim Morton. We last met him when our children were small and a former army friend had invited me to visit my old battalion when at a training camp visit at Garelochhead and there, surprise surprise also was Jim Morton. We exchanged Christmas cards for quite few years and then he had what sounded like a drowning accident in Australia while on holiday. I never got the full details.

I was also really pleased to see Alastair Gilmour. He, like me, had a medical cadetship and we served in the same Brigade together. His wife, Linda, was one of the very first staff nurses I got to know in DRI - she, like Alastair, is a very lovely person. Seeing also well kent faces like Jim Fenwick, Jim Thomson, Brian Docherty, Eric Irvine and yourself, of course, really brings back so many fold memories.

Anyway after all this chat, I am very happy to contribute to your site and I will prepare a brief summary asap. Pam and I are also happy to use our remaining grey cells to see if we can help locate more of our missing comrades - David Hirst and Jenny Foster being two of the very specials for us personally.

Lewis Reay, Portugal - September 29th 2007


I did find the latest article very interesting indeed - I started working at the University around the same time you started your studies!! This has proved a trip down memory lane for me. I too remember well the golden divans at the Greens Playhouse and also found Monopoly and Cleudo a great pastime back in the late 60's. I think the Monopoly thing must be in the 'genes' - my younger son (now 27 yrs old) has had a penchant for the game over the years from early childhood through to adulthood also. I am looking forward to the next instalment.

Barbara Boyle, Dundee, Scotland
December 4th 2007

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I have enjoyed looking at the photographs and reading your reminisciences. Lots of memories as, of course, our mutual paths were very close together.

Greasy Pete's was also a fond stop over - his name was Peter Cabrelli if I recall correctly - a good Dundee name. I still treat myself to a white pudding supper (for old times sake) when I get the chance in Scotland.

Lewis Reay, Portugal - December 5th 2007


Chris Morris

Chris Morris

Keep up the good work! A bit more about "Greasy Pete's". Don't forget he also sold 'Haggis pudd'n & chups'. The full range from memory was (all suffixed by pudd'n & chups!) black, white, red, mealy, haggis, sausage ....

Incidentally do you remember that up on the shelf at the left hand side of the counter there was a display of candles and matches because he used to sell 1 candle and 2 matches for a penny (memory plays tricks with the price - I will stand corrected!). When they didn't have a shilling left for the gas meter or the uluctrucuty meter they would buy a candle and two matches (in case the first one didn't strike or went out) so they could have some light!

I spent a year in a top flat in Airlie Terrace, one above the passageway which led through to the back/Balfour St/Hawkhill. It was hellish carrying things up and down all those stairs. My flatmates were John Torry and Iain Morgan. We used to do our grocery shopping in Robertsons. They were also the source of that cheap Yugoslav Riesling that was all the rage for parties.

Chris Morris, Walsall, England - December 6th 2007

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Newfloridian - Site Administrator
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