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John Naylor and Ann Cotterill

Family of John Naylor and Ann Cotterill

m. 24 Apr 1854 (F61)

Family chart 

John Naylor
Male (1808-1880)
Ann Haywood
Female (1808-1890)
Mary Naylor
Female (1831-1892)
Joseph Naylor
Male (1833-1905)
Elizabeth Naylor
Female (1839-1845)
Thomas Naylor
Male (1843- )
Henry Cotterill
Male (1815-1878)
Elizabeth Hawkes
Female (1815-1856)
Sarah Cotterill
Female (1838-1855)
Mary Cotterill
Female (1846-1848)
Eliza Cotterill
Female (1852-1865)
Henry Cotterill
Male (1855-1864)
John Naylor
Male (1835-1897)Relationship
Ann Cotterill
Female (1836-1909)Relationship
Joseph Naylor
Male (1855-1942)
Thomas Naylor
Male (1857-1955)
Bessey Naylor
Female (1861-1861)
Edwin Naylor
Male (1863-1933)
Mary Naylor
Female (1865-1940)
Alfred Naylor
Male (1869- )
Maurice Naylor
Male (1871-1948)
Arthur Naylor
Male (1872-1963)
Miriam Naylor
Female (1879-1916)
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