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Family of William Knight and Mary Coles

m. 26 Jun 1834 (F9135)

Family chart 

John Knight
Male (1788- )
Sophia Goode
Female (1785-1819)
Jacob Knight
Male (1815-1871)
Iddo Knight
Male (1816- )
James Coles
Male (1770-1843)
Mary Knight
Female (1775-1820)
Sarah Coles
Female (1797-1801)
John Coles
Male (1799-1886)
Sarah Coles
Female (1802-1866)
James Coles
Male (1811-1900)
Thomas Coles
Male (1814-1827)
Robert Coles
Male (1817-1880)
William Knight
Male (1811-1857)Relationship
Mary Coles
Female (1808-1891)Relationship
John Coles Knight
Male (1835-1918)
Robert Knight
Male (1836-1899)
Abraham Knight
Male (1840-1908)
George William Knight
Male (1850-1852)
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