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Family of John Bennett Tolputt and Harriett Ann Craxford

m. 10 Jan 1852 (F289)

Family chart 

James Tolputt
Male (1794- )
John Craxford
Male (1793-1857)
Harriott Absalom
Female (1798-1862)
Edwin Frederick Craxford
Male (1818-1893)
Emma Ann Craxford
Female (1822-1860)
Ann Craxford
Female (1828- )
Jane Craxford
Female (1828-1886)
John Craxford
Male (1831-1891)
John Bennett Tolputt
Male (1826-1883)Relationship
Harriett Ann Craxford
Female (1824-1886)Relationship
Harriett Tolputt
Female (1853- )
John Tolputt
Male (1856-1910)
Henry Tolputt
Male (1858-1936)
Arthur Tolputt
Male (1861- )
Kate Tolputt
Female (1865-1900)
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