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Somercotes, Derbyshire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
District/Village : Latitude: 53.07948685760068, Longitude: -1.3659095764160156


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Thomas  1858Somercotes, Derbyshire I6264
2 Ball, Thomas  Abt 1768Somercotes, Derbyshire I23455
3 Gascoigne, Jonathan  1859Somercotes, Derbyshire I11397
4 Gascoigne, Samuel  1861Somercotes, Derbyshire I14854
5 Marriott, Francis  1831Somercotes, Derbyshire I23768
6 Marriott, Hannah  13 Apr 1844Somercotes, Derbyshire I23772
7 Marriott, John  1834Somercotes, Derbyshire I23769
8 Marriott, John  1854Somercotes, Derbyshire I23741
9 Marriott, Samuel  1837Somercotes, Derbyshire I23770
10 Marriott, Thomas  1839Somercotes, Derbyshire I23771
11 Naylor, Ann  30 Oct 1831Somercotes, Derbyshire I16830
12 Naylor, Charles  1840Somercotes, Derbyshire I16832
13 Naylor, George  1831Somercotes, Derbyshire I16829
14 Naylor, Joseph  1838Somercotes, Derbyshire I16831
15 Rathband, Ann  1833Somercotes, Derbyshire I23740
16 Severn, Eliza  1852Somercotes, Derbyshire I26691
17 Severn, George  1855Somercotes, Derbyshire I26694
18 Severn, Harriet  1864Somercotes, Derbyshire I26696
19 Severn, William  1858Somercotes, Derbyshire I26695
20 [--?--], Etty  1820Somercotes, Derbyshire I6260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Mary  186119, Seely Terrace, Somercotes, Derbyshire I6198
2 Armstrong, Samuel  186119, Seely Terrace, Somercotes, Derbyshire I6199
3 Ball, Edward  1911New Houses, Pye Bridge, Somercotes, Derbyshire I6224
4 Ball, Elsie Darrington  1901(134), George Street, Somercotes, Derbyshire I24665
5 Ball, Gladys M  1911New Houses, Pye Bridge, Somercotes, Derbyshire I22556
6 Ball, Mabel  1911New Houses, Pye Bridge, Somercotes, Derbyshire I22557
7 Darrington, John William  1901(134), George Street, Somercotes, Derbyshire I24663
8 Grundy, Harriet  1901(134), George Street, Somercotes, Derbyshire I24664
9 Haywood, Ann  1851(32), Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire I1741
10 Johnson, Mary  1911New Houses, Pye Bridge, Somercotes, Derbyshire I22555
11 Marriott, Francis  1841Somercotes, Derbyshire I23768
12 Marriott, John  1841Somercotes, Derbyshire I23769
13 Marriott, Matilda  1841Somercotes, Derbyshire I23766
14 Marriott, Samuel  1837Somercotes, Derbyshire I23770
15 Marriott, Thomas  1841Somercotes, Derbyshire I23771
16 Naylor, John  1851(32), Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire I1740
17 Naylor, John  1851(32), Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire I193
18 Naylor, Joseph  1851(32), Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire I1743
19 Naylor, Mary  1851(32), Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire I1742
20 Naylor, Thomas  1851(32), Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire I1744
21 Naylor, Thomas  1891Somercotes, Derbyshire I404


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Naylor / Marriott  19 Jun 1877Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire F809
2 Wetton / Ball  1884Birchwood Chapel, Somercotes, Derbyshire F13483
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