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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, John Wesley  8 Nov 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I16701
2 Hedderson, William George  18 Jan 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I11470
3 Lineker, Edith  1915Ontario, Canada I12439
4 McCluskie, Agnes Donalda  17 Oct 1910Algoma, Ontario, Canada I17976
5 Punshon, Evelyn June  8 Jun 1922Toronto, Ontario, Canada I16700
6 Smith, Sylvia Irene  5 Apr 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I11469
7 Tansley, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1830York Township, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13747
8 Tansley, George  15 Sep 1837York Township, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13749
9 Tansley, Margaret  1 May 1839York Township, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13750
10 Tansley, William  28 Jan 1834York Township, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13748
11 Tansley, Wilson  1841York Township, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13751
12 Tilley, James Alfred  21 Nov 1917North Bay, Ontario, Canada I18301
13 Wiggins, Christina Margaret  15 Jun 1909Georgetown, Ontario, Canada I27607
14 Wiggins, Edward  1915Ontario, Canada I27610
15 Wiggins, Gladys Phoebe  25 Oct 1911Georgetown, Ontario, Canada I27609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, William  1982Galt, Ontario, Canada I25690
2 Blowfield, Sarah Ann  1943Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada I12436
3 Bruce, Kate  Aft 1940Ontario, Canada I12437
4 Carpenter, Anthony Goodchild  26 Feb 1981Toronto, Ontario, Canada I16594
5 Carpenter, Eva St Clare  12 Feb 1980Toronto, Ontario, Canada I16593
6 Caunter, Mary  18 Jan 1901Walkerton, Bruce, Ontario, Canada I7098
7 Chamberlain, Cynthia Mary Elizabeth  15 May 1933Toronto, Ontario, Canada I27583
8 Clarke, Roger Paul  2006Mississauga, Ontario, Canada I10784
9 Foster, Edward  2 Oct 1963Newmarket, Ontario, Canada I25985
10 Harwood, Sarah  10 Nov 1841Ontario, Canada I12751
11 Hedderson, William George  22 Jan 1987Toronto, Ontario, Canada I11470
12 Kemshead, Ethel May  6 Sep 1970Galt, Ontario, Canada I13778
13 Kemshead, George Albert  29 Dec 1934Galt, Ontario, Canada I12570
14 Kemshead, George Albert  30 May 1958Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada I13065
15 Kemshead, John James  14 Feb 1965Georgetown, Ontario, Canada I13066
16 Lineker, William Albert  1935Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada I10459
17 Milatinovich, Jully  18 Apr 2007Hamilton, Ontario, Canada I735
18 Nosworthy, John  Bef 1861Ontario, Canada I7006
19 Nosworthy, John  12 Dec 1868Middleton County, Ontario, Canada I7096
20 Payne, Grace Lilian  Jan 1920North Bay, Ontario, Canada I18300
21 Pridmore, Edith Anne  2 Nov 1987Ontario, Canada I10905
22 Shepherd, Mary  14 Feb 1873Glanford Twp, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada I7049
23 Smith, Sylvia Irene  14 Oct 1998Toronto, Ontario, Canada I11469
24 Tansley, Elizabeth  24 Aug 1899Halton County, Ontario, Canada I13747
25 Tansley, John  22 Apr 1869Yarmouth, Ontario, Canada I1518
26 Tansley, Joseph  6 Jun 1900Carlisle, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada I10098
27 Tansley, Margaret  23 Apr 1903Halton County, Ontario, Canada I13750
28 Tansley, Wilson  10 Nov 1841York Township, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13751
29 Tilley, Alfred Robert  24 Mar 1920North Bay, Ontario, Canada I11613
30 Tilley, Edna  23 Jan 1965Newmarket, Ontario, Canada I25972

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blowfield, Sarah Ann  1943Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada I12436
2 Caunter, Mary  21 Jan 1901St John's Cemetery, Thamesford, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I7098
3 Chamberlain, Cynthia Mary Elizabeth  17 May 1933Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I27583
4 Kemshead, Ethel May  Sep 1970Mountainview Cemetery, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada I13778
5 Kemshead, George Albert  1934Mountainview Cemetery, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada I12570
6 Lineker, William Albert  1935Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada I10459
7 Nosworthy, John  Dec 1868St John's Cemetery, Thamesford, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I7096
8 Tilley, Mary Elizabeth  1939Mountainview Cemetery, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada I9871
9 Tilley, Samuel  2 Nov 1937South Porcupine (Tisdale) Cemetery, Timmins, Ontario, Canada I15715
10 Wiggins, Harry  7 Feb 1946Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I27606


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, John  1908Hamilton, Ontario, Canada I27642
2 Bruce, Kate  1911Ontario, Canada I12437
3 Chamberlain, Betsy Maria  192680, Greenlaw Avenue, York, Ontario, Canada I21615
4 Chamberlain, Winifred Kate  19261263, Davenport, Ontario, Canada I27577
5 Clarke, Emily  192110, Balsam Street, Timmins, Ontario, Canada I25749
6 Foster, Edna May  1921Larmont Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada I25988
7 Foster, Edward  1921Larmont Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada I25985
8 Foster, Sadie Emily  1921Larmont Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada I25989
9 Foster, William  1921Larmont Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada I25987
10 Kemshead, George Albert  1909Galt, Ontario, Canada I13065
11 Kemshead, George Albert  19133, Gilholme Avenue West, Galt, Ontario, Canada I12570
12 Lineker, Albert  1911Ontario, Canada I10463
13 Lineker, Albert  1914129, York Road, Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada I12435
14 Lineker, George Albert  1911Ontario, Canada I12438
15 Tilley, Daisy Edna  192110, Balsam Street, Timmins, Ontario, Canada I25750
16 Tilley, Edna  1921Larmont Street, Aurora, Ontario, Canada I25972
17 Tilley, Elsie May  192110, Balsam Street, Timmins, Ontario, Canada I25751
18 Tilley, Iris Joan  192110, Balsam Street, Timmins, Ontario, Canada I25752
19 Tilley, Mary Elizabeth  1938Georgetown, Ontario, Canada I9871
20 Tilley, Samuel  192110, Balsam Street, Timmins, Ontario, Canada I15715
21 Underwood, Emma Butler  1908Hamilton, Ontario, Canada I27447
22 Wade, Margaret Annie  1920Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I16239
23 Wiggins, Harry  192680, Greenlaw Avenue, York, Ontario, Canada I27606


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bamsey / Lineker  1919Ontario, Canada F9160
2 Barber / Kemshead  13 Aug 1917Ontario, Canada F13166
3 Brown / Underwood  29 Aug 1908Hamilton, Ontario, Canada F13775
4 Chamberlain / Bunting  8 Nov 1932York, Ontario, Canada F13751
5 Hedderson / Smith  8 Mar 1941Toronto, Ontario, Canada F8895
6 Lineker / Lineker  Nov 1920Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada F9156
7 Puncheon / Carpenter  13 Oct 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada F10410
8 Smith / Pridmore  2 Jun 1917St Stephens Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada F8893
9 Sykes / Kemshead  1 Nov 1926York, Ontario, Canada F14072
10 Wiggins / Chamberlain  25 Sep 1926York, Ontario, Canada F13762
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