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Great Weldon, Northamptonshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coles, Edward  Abt 1839Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12322
2 Coles, Jane  Abt 1835Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12321
3 Coles, Job  1709Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12391
4 Coles, John Thomas  Abt 1837Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12320
5 Coles, Mary  Abt 1831Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12325
6 Coles, Michael  Abt 1795Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12318
7 Coles, Michael  Abt 1847Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12324
8 Coles, Robert  Abt 1843Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12323
9 Fellowes, Emma  1844Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12983
10 Glithero, Eliza  1850Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23802
11 Glithero, Mark  1854Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23803


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Coles, Ann  10 Oct 1736Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12393
2 Glithero, Eliza  22 Dec 1850Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chapman, Fanny  1861(23), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I25388
2 Chapman, John  1861(23), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I25384
3 Chapman, John  1861(23), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I17160
4 Coles, Edward  1851Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12322
5 Coles, Jane  1851Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12321
6 Coles, John Thomas  1851Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12320
7 Coles, Mary  1871Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12325
8 Coles, Michael  1851Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12318
9 Coles, Michael  1851-1871Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12324
10 Coles, Robert  1851-1871Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I12323
11 Craxford, Robert  1861Weldon Grange, Kettering Road, Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I39
12 Glithero, Betsy Ann  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23814
13 Glithero, Eliza  1851(38), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23802
14 Glithero, Fanny  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23819
15 Glithero, Fanny  1861(34), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23819
16 Glithero, George  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23815
17 Glithero, John  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23817
18 Glithero, John  1861(34), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23817
19 Glithero, Kezia  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23818
20 Glithero, Mark  1851(38), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23175
21 Glithero, Sarah  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23820
22 Glithero, Sarah  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23812
23 Glithero, Sarah  1861(34), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23820
24 Glithero, Sarah  1861(34), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23812
25 Glithero, Sarah  1871(44), Oundle Road, Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23820
26 Glithero, Sarah  1871(44), Oundle Road, Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23812
27 Glithero, Thomas  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23816
28 Glithero, Thomas  1851(37), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23811
29 Glithero, Thomas  1861(34), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23816
30 Glithero, Thomas  1861(34), Great Weldon, Northamptonshire I23811

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coles / Gray  26 Dec 1734Great Weldon, Northamptonshire F9136
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