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East Carlton, Northamptonshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cursley, Emily Rose  1868East Carlton, Northamptonshire I22240
2 Dams, Henry  1841East Carlton, Northamptonshire I26877
3 Green, Cecil George  1878East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17744
4 Green, Frances E  1877East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17746
5 Green, John  1830East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17740
6 Green, Julia  1881East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17745
7 Green, Sarah Ann  1873East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17743
8 Green, Thomas  1870East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17742
9 Green, William John  1867East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17741
10 Taylor, Maria  1830East Carlton, Northamptonshire I28059
11 Tilley, Alfred Joseph  1877East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11606
12 Tilley, Alice Maud Mary  1875East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11605
13 Tilley, Ellen  3 Apr 1891East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11607
14 Timson, John Tom  1903East Carlton, Northamptonshire I16615
15 Timson, Lily Atkins  1900East Carlton, Northamptonshire I16614
16 Timson, Samuel  1905East Carlton, Northamptonshire I16616
17 Timson, William  1898East Carlton, Northamptonshire I16613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Dams, Henry  31 Oct 1841East Carlton, Northamptonshire I26877
2 Green, Thomas  20 Feb 1870East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17742
3 Green, William John  2 Jun 1867East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17741


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Claypole, Mary  1893East Carlton, Northamptonshire I9775
2 Tansley, Elizabeth  Oct 1903East Carlton, Northamptonshire I1507
3 Tilley, Harriett Anne  1912East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11138
4 Tilley, John Thomas  1929East Carlton, Northamptonshire I10020
5 Wignell, Alice  1908East Carlton, Northamptonshire I15474


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Boon, Elizabeth  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11608
2 Chambers, Elizabeth  1901Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I18265
3 Claypole, Mary  1881Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I9775
4 Dunkley, John Alfred  1911East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17530
5 Dunkley, Sydney James  1911East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17531
6 Freeman, Alice  1950Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17789
7 Green, Cecil George  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17744
8 Green, John  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17740
9 Green, Julia  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17745
10 Green, Julia  1891Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17745
11 Green, Julia  1901Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17745
12 Green, Julia  1911Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17745
13 Green, Sarah Ann  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17743
14 Green, Thomas  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17742
15 Green, William John  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I17741
16 Jeaves, Mary Ann  1881(9), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11604
17 Jeaves, Mary Ann  1901(13), The Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11604
18 Minns, David  1851Carlton Hall, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I27854
19 Minns, James  1851Carlton Hall, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I25958
20 Stanger, Harriett  1871(12), East Carlton, Northamptonshire I12926
21 Tilley, Alfred Joseph  1881(9), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11606
22 Tilley, Alfred Robert  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11139
23 Tilley, Alice Maud Mary  1881(9), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11605
24 Tilley, Alice Maud Mary  1901(19), The Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11605
25 Tilley, Alice Maud Mary  1911The Rectory, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11605
26 Tilley, Ellen  1901(13), The Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11607
27 Tilley, Harriett Anne  1881(10), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11138
28 Tilley, Harriett Anne  1901Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11138
29 Tilley, Harriett Anne  1911Alms Houses, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I11138
30 Tilley, John Thomas  1881(9), High Street, East Carlton, Northamptonshire I10020

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