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Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
District/Village : Latitude: 52.96683795483366, Longitude: -1.087646484375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anker, Ada Maria  Abt 1884Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13342
2 Anker, Elizabeth  Abt 1886Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13343
3 Anker, George Henry  May 1879Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13959
4 Anker, George William  3 Nov 1880Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13341
5 Anker, Nelly  Abt 1887Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13344
6 Armstrong, Ada  1878Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15228
7 Armstrong, Agnes M  12 Apr 1915Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14394
8 Armstrong, Alfred Arthur  20 Jul 1900Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14378
9 Armstrong, Alice Craxford  17 Aug 1901Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14377
10 Armstrong, Arthur Alfred  13 Jan 1874Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6487
11 Armstrong, Charles  1882Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15230
12 Armstrong, Cyril  21 Oct 1907Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14380
13 Armstrong, Elizabeth  1876Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15227
14 Armstrong, Emma  1871Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15226
15 Armstrong, Gertrude  1886Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15231
16 Armstrong, James  1866Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15224
17 Armstrong, James William  17 Sep 1903Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14379
18 Armstrong, Maria  1867Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15225
19 Armstrong, William  1880Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15229
20 Dennis, Sarah Helen  1850Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I19197
21 Hallam, Elizabeth  18 Jan 1857Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13340
22 Keyworth, Arthur Wilfred  1897Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12072
23 Keyworth, Charles Harold  21 Apr 1900Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12073
24 Keyworth, Elsie Jane  1902Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12076
25 Keyworth, Robert Harry  8 Jan 1910Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12078
26 Keyworth, William Ezra  30 Apr 1904Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12077
27 Morris, Henry  1840Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I16329
28 Newton, Annie  1861Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6479
29 Newton, Elizabeth  1879Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14416
30 Newton, Emma  1855Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14410

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anker, George Henry  3 Jul 1879Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13959
2 Armstrong, Joyce Mary  21 Feb 2014Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14505
3 Atherley, Kathleen Ann  19 Mar 1998Standhill Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14511
4 Craxford, Jane  10 Aug 1901Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I171
5 Hallam, Elizabeth  26 Mar 1931Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13340
6 Underhill, Agnes Fanny  20 May 1880Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6488
7 Underhill, Alice Lydia  11 Oct 1932Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6486
8 Underhill, Fanny Ann Powney  1901Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14690
9 Underhill, George Alfred  26 Jan 1881Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Underhill, Charles William  1891Mount Pleasant Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6482


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anker, Ada Maria  190149, Ashwell Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13342
2 Anker, Elizabeth  190149, Ashwell Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13343
3 Anker, George William  190149, Ashwell Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13341
4 Anker, Nelly  190149, Ashwell Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13344
5 Armstrong, Alfred Arthur  191136, Beck Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14378
6 Armstrong, Alice Craxford  191136, Beck Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14377
7 Armstrong, Arthur Alfred  191136, Beck Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6487
8 Armstrong, Arthur Alfred  1933307, Cemetery Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6487
9 Armstrong, Cyril  191136, Beck Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14380
10 Armstrong, James William  191136, Beck Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14379
11 Bretland, Edward Coke  1891Eastmoor Villa, Burton Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13440
12 Bretland, Louisa  1891Eastmoor Villa, Burton Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13435
13 Bretland, Reginald  1891Eastmoor Villa, Burton Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13443
14 Bretland, Reginald  192067, Sneinton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13443
15 Craxford, Jane  1881Foxhill Lane, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I171
16 Craxford, Jane  1891Mount Pleasant Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I171
17 Craxford, Jane  1901Foxhill Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I171
18 Fann, Louisa  1891Eastmoor Villa, Burton Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13441
19 Hallam, Elizabeth  190149, Ashwell Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I13340
20 Harrison, Sarah  1911130, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12075
21 Houghton, Daisy  190127, North Western Terrace, Victoria Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I28005
22 Jackson, Lewis  190127, North Western Terrace, Victoria Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I15465
23 Keyworth, Arthur  1911130, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6485
24 Keyworth, Arthur Wilfred  1911130, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12072
25 Keyworth, Charles Harold  1911130, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12073
26 Keyworth, Elsie Jane  1911130, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12076
27 Keyworth, Robert Harry  1911130, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12078
28 Keyworth, William Ezra  1911130, Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I12077
29 Newton, Annie  1891Main Street, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I6479
30 Newton, Jane  1901Water's Row, Stonepit Road, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire I14414

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Keyworth / Meakin  25 Dec 1920Carlton Baptist Church, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire F9057
2 Keyworth / Underhill  26 Dec 1893Free Church, Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire F900
3 Peel / Newton  1883Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire F9736
4 Underhill / Stubbs  1907Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire F9826
5 Williamson / Armstrong  26 Jul 1924Carlton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire F9729
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