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Boston, Lincolnshire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
City/Town : Latitude: 52.9784158294106, Longitude: -0.023345947265625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burman, Jane  1844Old Leeke, Boston, Lincolnshire I25201
2 Emerson, Edith Annie  Abt 1865Boston, Lincolnshire I19065
3 Hagues, Frank  1887West Skirbeck, Boston, Lincolnshire I27504
4 Hagues, George  1892Boston, Lincolnshire I27487
5 Hagues, Henry  1884Boston, Lincolnshire I27503
6 Ingram, Marjorie E  1922Boston, Lincolnshire I20969
7 Johnson, Ellen  1862Thornton le Fen, Boston, Lincolnshire I13085
8 Johnson, John  1861Thornton le Fen, Boston, Lincolnshire I27899
9 Julian, Alice  1867Boston, Lincolnshire I19073
10 Julian, Frank  1877Boston, Lincolnshire I19074
11 Julian, Frank  1903Boston, Lincolnshire I19076
12 Julian, Henry  1875Boston, Lincolnshire I19071
13 Julian, John William  10 Jul 1867Boston, Lincolnshire I19064
14 Julian, Joseph William  1890Boston, Lincolnshire I19063
15 Julian, Kate  1864Boston, Lincolnshire I19072
16 Julian, William  1828Boston, Lincolnshire I19069
17 O'Connell, Annie Theresa  1884Boston, Lincolnshire I20085
18 O'Connell, Charles Patrick Joseph  1889Boston, Lincolnshire I20502
19 O'Connell, Edmund John  16 Nov 1891Boston, Lincolnshire I20083
20 O'Connell, Frances Agnes  1886Boston, Lincolnshire I20086
21 O'Connell, Lawrence James  1875Boston, Lincolnshire I20501
22 O'Connell, Mary Elizabeth  1880Boston, Lincolnshire I20084
23 O'Connell, Mary Kathleen  1877Boston, Lincolnshire I20087
24 O'Connell, Richard  1882Boston, Lincolnshire I20082
25 Pickwell, James William  Abt 1873Westville, Boston, Lincolnshire I13126
26 Wymant, Ada  1884Boston, Lincolnshire I20727
27 Wymant, Alfred  1889Boston, Lincolnshire I20730
28 Wymant, Annie  1882Boston, Lincolnshire I20726
29 Wymant, Bertie  1880Boston, Lincolnshire I20725
30 Wymant, Elizabeth  1892Boston, Lincolnshire I20721

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Binns, Edith  1934Boston, Lincolnshire I20968
2 Claypole, John  25 Mar 1905Sutterton, Boston, Lincolnshire I21483
3 Ingram, William  1940Boston, Lincolnshire I1068
4 Liquorish, Sarah Ann  24 Apr 1903Boston, Lincolnshire I1719
5 Morgan, Hannah  16 Feb 1905Sutterton, Boston, Lincolnshire I21484
6 O'Connell, Charles Patrick Joseph  1890Boston, Lincolnshire I20502
7 O'Connell, Edmund John  21 Aug 1960Wyborton West Hospital, Boston, Lincolnshire I20083
8 O'Connell, Julia Ann  1906Boston, Lincolnshire I20081
9 O'Connell, Lawrence James  1879Boston, Lincolnshire I20501
10 O'Connell, Mary Elizabeth  1902Boston, Lincolnshire I20084
11 Phillips, Ivy Gertrude  15 Dec 1982Boston, Lincolnshire I84
12 Wymant, Elizabeth  1892Boston, Lincolnshire I20721
13 Wymant, Owen  1915Boston, Lincolnshire I17298


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wymant, Enoch  1901Boston Union Workhouse, Boston, Lincolnshire I17299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Claypole, John  1901(51), Cross Keys, Sutterton, Boston, Lincolnshire I21483
2 Dixon, Fanny Jessie  19115, Emery Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire I19075
3 Hagues, Frank  1891(54), Skirbeck, Boston, Lincolnshire I27504
4 Hagues, Thomas  1891(54), Skirbeck, Boston, Lincolnshire I27499
5 Ingram, William  1939(124), Spalding Road, Boston, Lincolnshire I20396
6 Ingram, William  1939(124), Spalding Road, Boston, Lincolnshire I1068
7 Julian, Alice Maud  19115, Emery Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire I19066
8 Julian, Frank  19115, Emery Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire I19076
9 Julian, Frank  19115, Emery Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire I19074
10 Liquorish, Sarah Ann  188130, Norfolk Place, Boston, Lincolnshire I1719
11 Liquorish, Sarah Ann  18914, Angel Court, Boston, Lincolnshire I1719
12 Liquorish, Sarah Ann  19012, Haven Villas, Boston, Lincolnshire I1719
13 Morgan, Hannah  1901(51), Cross Keys, Sutterton, Boston, Lincolnshire I21484
14 Nightingale, Elizabeth  189118, Bonners Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire I20720
15 Nightingale, Elizabeth  19012, Crapleys Court, Boston, Lincolnshire I20720
16 O'Connell, Annie Theresa  18914, Angel Court, Boston, Lincolnshire I20085
17 O'Connell, Annie Theresa  19012, Haven Villas, Boston, Lincolnshire I20085
18 O'Connell, Edmund John  19012, Haven Villas, Boston, Lincolnshire I20083
19 O'Connell, Edmund John  19113, Portland Terrace, Hospital Lane, Skirbeck, Boston, Lincolnshire I20083
20 O'Connell, Edmund John  193947, Hessle Drive, Boston, Lincolnshire I20083
21 O'Connell, Edmund John  195956, Blue Street, Boston, Lincolnshire I20083
22 O'Connell, Frances Agnes  18914, Angel Court, Boston, Lincolnshire I20086
23 O'Connell, Frances Agnes  19012, Haven Villas, Boston, Lincolnshire I20086
24 O'Connell, Julia Ann  188130, Norfolk Place, Boston, Lincolnshire I20081
25 O'Connell, Julia Ann  18914, Angel Court, Boston, Lincolnshire I20081
26 O'Connell, Julia Ann  19012, Haven Villas, Boston, Lincolnshire I20081
27 O'Connell, Mary Elizabeth  188130, Norfolk Place, Boston, Lincolnshire I20084
28 O'Connell, Mary Elizabeth  18914, Angel Court, Boston, Lincolnshire I20084
29 O'Connell, Mary Elizabeth  19012, Haven Villas, Boston, Lincolnshire I20084
30 O'Connell, Mary Kathleen  188130, Norfolk Place, Boston, Lincolnshire I20087

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hagues / Roberts  1884Boston, Lincolnshire F13723
2 Ingram / Bedford  1947Boston, Lincolnshire F11608
3 Julian / Emerson  1888Boston, Lincolnshire F11058
4 Julian / Vickers  1909Boston, Lincolnshire F11057
5 Moore / Baker  Apr 1920Boston, Lincolnshire F9559
6 Sculthorpe / East  1870Boston, Lincolnshire F10719
7 Wymant / Nightingale  Jun 1892St Botolph's Church, Boston, Lincolnshire F11524
8 Wymant / Whiley  Jun 1885St Botolph's Church, Boston, Lincolnshire F11525
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