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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brandon, Dorothy  24 Feb 1909Westminster, London I15706
2 Bryant, Agnes  1888Westminster, London I15701
3 Bryant, Albert  1880Westminster, London I15697
4 Bryant, Alfred  1894Westminster, London I15703
5 Bryant, Elizabeth  1886Westminster, London I15700
6 Bryant, Harriett  1884Westminster, London I15699
7 Bryant, Isabella  1882Westminster, London I15698
8 Bryant, James  Abt 1856Westminster, London I15693
9 Bryant, James  1873Westminster, London I15695
10 Bryant, Nelson  1891Westminster, London I15702
11 Bryant, Reuben  1896Westminster, London I15704
12 Bryant, Rosie M  1901Westminster, London I18524
13 Bryant, William  1878Westminster, London I15696
14 Carpenter, George J  1849Westminster, London I16589
15 Craxford, Thomas  1824St James, Westminster, London I1282
16 Franey, William  1798St James, Westminster, London I14517
17 Matthews, Emma  1838Westminster, London I18988
18 Miller, Robert Carver  1881St James, Westminster, London I20581
19 Mooney, Mary Ann  1855Westminster, London I15694
20 Wexham, Sarah  1876Westminster, London I18523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Craxford, Jane  4 Jan 1829St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I840
2 Craxford, John  4 Jan 1829St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I19973


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brandon, Nelson Alfred  1970Westminster, London I16671
2 Craxford, Robert  22 Aug 1854Westminster, London I386
3 Craxford, Roy Victor  30 Nov 1961Westminster Hospital, Westminster, London I1470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Commemoration    Person ID 
1 Ginn, Emma  1945Civilian War Dead Rolls, St George's Chapel, Westminster, London I16983
2 Shardalow, Henry Walter  1945Civilian War Dead Rolls, St George's Chapel, Westminster, London I16963
3 Shardalow, Marie E  1945Civilian War Dead Rolls, St George's Chapel, Westminster, London I16984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brandon, Arthur  19244, Esher Street, Westminster, London I15705
2 Brandon, Dorothy  1911121, Page Street, Westminster, London I15706
3 Bryant, Agnes  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15701
4 Bryant, Agnes  1911121, Page Street, Westminster, London I15701
5 Bryant, Agnes  19244, Esher Street, Westminster, London I15701
6 Bryant, Albert  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15697
7 Bryant, Alfred  1911121, Page Street, Westminster, London I15703
8 Bryant, Elizabeth  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15700
9 Bryant, Harriett  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15699
10 Bryant, Isabella  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15698
11 Bryant, James  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15695
12 Bryant, James  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15693
13 Bryant, James  190138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15695
14 Bryant, Louise Caroline  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I1225
15 Bryant, Nelson  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15702
16 Bryant, Nelson  1911121, Page Street, Westminster, London I15702
17 Bryant, Reuben  1911121, Page Street, Westminster, London I15704
18 Bryant, Rosie M  190138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I18524
19 Bryant, William  189138, Vincent Street, Westminster, London I15696
20 Clipson, Thomas  1851Coldstream Guards Hospital, Westminster, London I20512
21 Craxford, David  1851Hyde Park Cavalry Barracks, Westminster, London I203
22 Craxford, David  187121, Grosvenor Market, Westminster, London I203
23 Craxford, Jane  185430, Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London I840
24 Craxford, Margaret Jane  187121, Grosvenor Market, Westminster, London I1038
25 Craxford, Margaret Jane  188121, Grosvenor Market, Westminster, London I1038
26 Craxford, Margaret Jane  19023, Foley Street, Westminster, London I1038
27 Craxford, Robert  185355, Great Tufton Street, Westminster, London I386
28 Craxford, Robert  187121, Grosvenor Market, Westminster, London I1037
29 Craxford, Robert  188121, Grosvenor Market, Westminster, London I1037
30 Craxford, Sally  18577, Newcastle Street, Westminster, London I205

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ayling / Craxford  9 Aug 1903St Clement Danes, Westminster, London F593
2 Brandon / Bryant  17 May 1908St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London F10115
3 Bryant / Wexham  1900Westminster, London F10911
4 Craxford / Hunt  25 Dec 1848St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London F53
5 Craxford / Nicholls  1934Westminster, London F841
6 Craxford / Rawlings  21 Dec 1828St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London F121
7 Franey / Craxford  11 Jan 1857St Clement Danes, Westminster, London F9770
8 Ifield / Craxford  14 Jan 1829St James, Westminster, London F9047
9 McCleave / Brandon  1934Westminster, London F10912
10 Onn / Collins  10 Dec 1893Westminster, London F8951
11 Summerhil / Craxford  14 Nov 1821St James Church, Westminster, London F9753
12 Townsend / Jordan  29 Apr 1900St Paul's Church, Lisson Grove, Westminster, London F11527
13 Willis / Craxford  14 Nov 1826St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London F11308
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