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Somers Town, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Broadhead, Fanny  Abt 1842Somers Town, London I15083
2 Broadhead, George  1839Somers Town, London I15081
3 Broadhead, William  Abt 1833Somers Town, London I15089
4 Broadhead, William Craxford  29 Aug 1845Somers Town, London I1211
5 Craxford, Arthur  1866Somers Town, London I251
6 Craxford, Sarah Ann Augusta  11 Dec 1838Somers Town, London I319
7 Green, Frederick K W  Abt 1850Somers Town, London I15642
8 Onn, Fanny Ann  Abt 1863Somers Town, London I11717
9 Onn, Frederick  15 Mar 1867Somers Town, London I11719
10 Onn, Jane  25 Nov 1864Somers Town, London I252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Broadhead, William Craxford  14 Apr 1848Somers Town, London I1211
2 Craxford, Martha  1865Somers Town, London I11638
3 Craxford, William Easthop  28 May 1865Pancras Workhouse, Somers Town, London I318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Broadhead, Anna  186110, Werrington Street, Somers Town, London I15091
2 Broadhead, Edwin  186110, Werrington Street, Somers Town, London I15082
3 Broadhead, George  1841Clarendon Place, Somers Town, London I15081
4 Broadhead, George  186110, Werrington Street, Somers Town, London I15081
5 Broadhead, John  1841Clarendon Place, Somers Town, London I15079
6 Broadhead, Louisa  1841Clarendon Place, Somers Town, London I1209
7 Broadhead, Louisa  184831, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I1209
8 Broadhead, Louisa  186110, Werrington Street, Somers Town, London I15090
9 Broadhead, William  186110, Werrington Street, Somers Town, London I15089
10 Broadhead, William Craxford  184831, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I1211
11 Collins, Betsy  1861-18714, Watford Street, Somers Town, London I11711
12 Craxford, Arthur  187131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I251
13 Craxford, Louisa Augusta  186131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I377
14 Craxford, Martha  185131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I11638
15 Craxford, Martha  1861-186533, Aldenham Street, Somers Town, London I11638
16 Craxford, Mary  1861-187131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I249
17 Craxford, Minnie  187131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I250
18 Craxford, Sarah  1861-187131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I317
19 Craxford, Sarah Ann  183912, Brill Place, Somers Town, London I1304
20 Craxford, Sarah Ann  18415, Clarendon Street, Somers Town, London I1304
21 Craxford, Sarah Ann  1851-185731, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I1304
22 Craxford, Sarah Ann Augusta  183912, Brill Place, Somers Town, London I319
23 Craxford, Sarah Ann Augusta  18415, Clarendon Street, Somers Town, London I319
24 Craxford, Sarah Ann Augusta  185131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I319
25 Craxford, Susan  186131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I316
26 Craxford, William  18415, Clarendon Street, Somers Town, London I313
27 Craxford, William  1851-187131, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I313
28 Craxford, William Easthop  18415, Clarendon Street, Somers Town, London I318
29 Craxford, William Easthop  1851-185731, Barclay Street, Somers Town, London I318
30 Craxford, William Easthop  186133, Aldenham Street, Somers Town, London I318

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