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Preston, Uppingham, Rutland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dumford, Mary  Abt 1830Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24868
2 Munton, Charles  1829Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24336
3 Munton, Charles  1858Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24330
4 Munton, Elizabeth Ann  1847Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I20188
5 Munton, Harriett  1867Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24331
6 Munton, James  1824Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24338
7 Munton, John  1821Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24325
8 Munton, John  1851Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24329
9 Munton, Mary Ann  1826Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24337
10 Munton, Mary Ann  1853Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24332
11 Munton, Peter  1834Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24335
12 Munton, Peter  1846Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24328
13 Munton, William  1819Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24339
14 Munton, William  1844Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24327
15 White, Ann Jane  1803Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I20493


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Munton, Charles  5 Jul 1829Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24336
2 Munton, Charles  7 Nov 1858Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24330
3 Munton, Elizabeth Ann  14 Nov 1847Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I20188
4 Munton, Harriett  16 Jun 1867Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24331
5 Munton, James  4 Apr 1824Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24338
6 Munton, John  14 Oct 1821Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24325
7 Munton, John  28 Mar 1851Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24329
8 Munton, Mary Ann  28 May 1826Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24337
9 Munton, Mary Ann  5 Jun 1853Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24332
10 Munton, Peter  26 Oct 1834Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24335
11 Munton, William  21 Nov 1819Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24339
12 White, Ann Jane  19 Jun 1803Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I20493


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Munton, John  1851(6), Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24329
2 Munton, John  1851(6), Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24325
3 Munton, Peter  1851(6), Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24328
4 Munton, William  1851(6), Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24327
5 Rawlings, Ann  1851(6), Preston, Uppingham, Rutland I24326


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Munton / Rawlings  1843Preston, Uppingham, Rutland F12708
2 Munton / Sharpe  18 Dec 1818Preston, Uppingham, Rutland F12709
3 Skelhorne / Dumford  Feb 1853Preston, Uppingham, Rutland F12883
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