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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Frank Edward  1897Marylebone, London I21778
2 Bliss, Richard Alexander  1891Marylebone, London I21777
3 Clarke, Frederick  1866Marylebone, London I26433
4 Clarke, Harry  1875Marylebone, London I26436
5 Clarke, Harry  1901Marylebone, London I26438
6 Clarke, Kate  1860Marylebone, London I26431
7 Clarke, Rose Ann  1870Marylebone, London I26434
8 Clarke, Walter  1863Marylebone, London I26432
9 Clarke, William  1872Marylebone, London I26435
10 Craxford, David  11 Jun 1853Queen Charlotte Hospital, Marylebone, London I1573
11 Craxford, David  9 Jul 1858Marylebone, London I19573
12 Craxford, Ernest Albert  12 Feb 1881Marylebone, London I14628
13 Craxford, Margaret Jane  1860Marylebone, London I1038
14 Craxford, Robert  1856Marylebone, London I1037
15 Gibbons, Joan Eileen  7 Mar 1924Queen Charlotte Hospital, Marylebone, London I26425
16 Leer, Albert  1895Marylebone, London I7614
17 Leer, Albert Edward  1871Marylebone, London I7613
18 Leer, William  1900Marylebone, London I7615
19 Percy, Francis Moritz  1869Marylebone, London I26546
20 Rixon, Sarah  1843Marylebone, London I20833
21 Townsend, Florence Margaret  22 Jun 1900Marylebone, London I20735
22 West, Alice Maud M  1871Marylebone, London I20933
23 West, Annie  1874Marylebone, London I20834
24 West, Elizabeth A  1867Marylebone, London I20931
25 West, Ellen  1869Marylebone, London I20932
26 West, Flora  1883Marylebone, London I20592
27 West, George  1845Marylebone, London I20830
28 West, Grace  3 Oct 1874Marylebone, London I20835
29 West, Herbert  3 Oct 1874Marylebone, London I16071
30 Willey, Noah Harley  1856Marylebone, London I17021

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chilver, Harriet  1875Marylebone, London I20927
2 Clarke, Philip  1875Marylebone, London I12290
3 Craxford, David  19 Mar 1860Marylebone, London I19573
4 Craxford, David  28 Nov 1878Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street, Marylebone, London I203
5 Craxford, Margaret Jane  28 Jul 1902Middlesex Hospital, Marylebone, London I1038
6 Craxford, Robert  12 Oct 1882Marylebone, London I1037
7 Craxford, William  26 Jan 1905Marylebone, London I313
8 Franey, Thomas William  Feb 1862Union Workhouse, Marylebone, London I1298
9 Rixon, Sarah  1883Marylebone, London I20833
10 Sullivan, Margaret  1908Marylebone, London I1036


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bretland, Sarah  188123, Grove Road, Marylebone, London I13469
2 Chilver, Harriet  187110, Little York Place, Marylebone, London I20927
3 Clarke, Frederick  187115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I26433
4 Clarke, Frederick  188129, Carlisle Street, Marylebone, London I26433
5 Clarke, Harry  188129, Carlisle Street, Marylebone, London I26436
6 Clarke, Harry  190124, Hatton Street, Marylebone, London I26438
7 Clarke, Harry  190124, Hatton Street, Marylebone, London I26436
8 Clarke, John  187115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I26430
9 Clarke, John  188129, Carlisle Street, Marylebone, London I26430
10 Clarke, Kate  186115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I26431
11 Clarke, Philip  186115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I12290
12 Clarke, Rose Ann  187115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I26434
13 Clarke, Rose Ann  188129, Carlisle Street, Marylebone, London I26434
14 Clarke, Stephen  186115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I26429
15 Clarke, Walter  187115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I26432
16 Clarke, Walter  188129, Carlisle Street, Marylebone, London I26432
17 Clarke, William  188129, Carlisle Street, Marylebone, London I26435
18 Clarke, William  190124, Hatton Street, Marylebone, London I26435
19 Cook, Elizabeth  186115, Manning Street, Marylebone, London I1658
20 Cook, Elizabeth  188129, Carlisle Street, Marylebone, London I1658
21 Cook, Elizabeth  190124, Hatton Street, Marylebone, London I1658
22 Cox, Ann  186114, Edward Street, Marylebone, London I1229
23 Craxford, Anne  1871223, High Street, Marylebone, London I961
24 Craxford, Arthur  188117, Clarendon Square, Marylebone, London I251
25 Craxford, David  186114, Edward Street, Marylebone, London I265
26 Craxford, Margaret Jane  189116, Gray Street, Marylebone, London I1038
27 Craxford, Margaret Jane  1901Gray Street, Marylebone, London I1038
28 Craxford, Mary  188117, Clarendon Square, Marylebone, London I249
29 Craxford, Mary  191131, Great Quebec Street, Marylebone, London I249
30 Craxford, Minnie  188117, Clarendon Square, Marylebone, London I250

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Craxford / Sullivan  22 Mar 1852All Souls Church, Marylebone, London F291
2 Curtis / Barr  26 Dec 1905Trinity Church, Marylebone, London F12165
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