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Market Harborough, Leicestershire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
Latitude: 52.479435, Longitude: -0.919075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Daisy  1883Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27213
2 Adkins, Frances Annie  1877Market Harborough, Leicestershire I16175
3 Adkins, George  Abt 1850Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27211
4 Almond, Edgar  1906Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25886
5 Almond, Edith  1909Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25889
6 Almond, Ernest  1908Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25888
7 Almond, Graham  1907Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25887
8 Almond, Letitia  6 Apr 1911Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25881
9 Berridge, Mary Ann  1850Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I28019
10 Bishop, Arthur  1877Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I24352
11 Burditt, David  Abt 1808Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23400
12 Burditt, William  1839Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23399
13 Burrows, Thomas  1834Nevill Holt, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I24513
14 Capell, Maud Ethel  1887Market Harborough, Leicestershire I24439
15 Chambers, Jane  Abt 1800Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I1559
16 Chambers, John  1819East Farndon, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I15548
17 Chambers, Mary Ann  1853East Farndon, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I15547
18 Claypole, Cecil E  15 Dec 1921Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21793
19 Claypole, Eva E H  1912Market Harborough, Leicestershire I14103
20 Claypole, Frederick William  1899Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13104
21 Claypole, Joyce  1907Market Harborough, Leicestershire I14093
22 Claypole, Leslie A  1907Market Harborough, Leicestershire I14092
23 Claypole, Muriel  1911Market Harborough, Leicestershire I14094
24 Cleaver, Florence Louisa  1883Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27125
25 Cleaver, Frederick William  1879Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27124
26 Cleaver, Grace Maud  1885Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27126
27 Cleaver, Samuel  1867Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27077
28 Cleaver, {--!--)  29 Nov 1886Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27123
29 Cox, Frederick George Charles  1877Market Harborough, Leicestershire I14192
30 Darnell, Henry  1823Market Harborough, Leicestershire I16365

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Chambers, Elizabeth  26 Dec 1788East Farndon, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I14210
2 Claypole, Frederick William  20 Apr 1899Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13104
3 Granger, Elizabeth  27 Apr 1828Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I16462
4 Granger, Maria  21 Jun 1835Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25770
5 Granger, Thomas  27 Jun 1830Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25768
6 Green, Ethel May  26 Mar 1893Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25733
7 Green, Mary  25 Apr 1863Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25764
8 Green, Mary Jane  20 May 1866Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25757
9 Putterill, John Edwin  22 Apr 1900East Farndon, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I192
10 Thompson, Robert  14 Feb 1858Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27576
11 White, Thomas  15 Jul 1838Stonton Wyville, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, James  1921Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27115
2 Beesworth, Frederick  11 Feb 1882Market Harborough, Leicestershire I1394
3 Beesworth, Harriett  28 Nov 1886Market Harborough, Leicestershire I1627
4 Claypole, Ann  1913Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9927
5 Claypole, George Ernest  1972Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13027
6 Claypole, Mary Ann  2 Aug 1858Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9800
7 Claypole, Ralph Edwin  1967Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9936
8 Cleaver, {--!--)  29 Nov 1886Market Harborough, Leicestershire I27123
9 Collins, Martha  Jul 1844Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21710
10 Evans, Maria Lavinia  1952Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13129
11 Freestone, Adam  1915Market Harborough, Leicestershire I11079
12 Gilbert, William  1907Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I22924
13 Granger, Mary Anne  1870Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25755
14 Green, Mary  Jun 1863Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25764
15 Grocock, Barbara  31 Aug 1890Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21711
16 Haddon, William Wicks  1932Market Harborough, Leicestershire I24442
17 Hughes, Mary  Bef 1851Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25766
18 Jackson, Ellen  1935Market Harborough, Leicestershire I14311
19 Jarvis, John  17 Jan 1876Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21704
20 Jarvis, Martha  Oct 1844Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21709
21 Keyworth, Robert Harry  Nov 1984Market Harborough, Leicestershire I12078
22 Mawson, Beatrice Ida  1987Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23278
23 Mawson, Doris Ellen  1984Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23275
24 Mawson, William Alfred  1912Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23274
25 Naylor, Ruby Manon  1982Market Harborough, Leicestershire I413
26 Panter, Leslie  1999Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23289
27 Peake, Frederick  1976Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21161
28 Perkins, Frederick William  1979Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13141
29 Putterill, John Berry Thomas  1946Market Harborough, Leicestershire I1677
30 Sculthorpe, John Thomas  1929Market Harborough, Leicestershire I10333

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Claypole, Mary Ann  4 Aug 1858St Mary's Church, Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9800
2 Collins, Martha  1 Aug 1844Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21710
3 Jarvis, Martha  29 Oct 1844Market Harborough, Leicestershire I21709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inquest    Person ID 
1 Craxford, Thomas  11 Oct 1834Peacock Inn, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I53


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ablett, Emily  1911(104), West Langton, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25773
2 Almond, Edgar  1911(132), Bottom Lane, Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25886
3 Almond, Edith  1911(132), Bottom Lane, Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25889
4 Almond, Ernest  1911(132), Bottom Lane, Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25888
5 Almond, George  1911(132), Bottom Lane, Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25884
6 Almond, Graham  1911(132), Bottom Lane, Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25887
7 Binley, Mary Ann  1881Dingley Grange, Dingley, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I12975
8 Burditt, Charles  191161, Northampton Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I18033
9 Burditt, Eva  191161, Northampton Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23382
10 Burditt, John  191161, Northampton Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23383
11 Butler, Ernest C  19399, Station Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I22943
12 Butler, Lillian  19399, Station Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I22944
13 Capell, Maud Ethel  191113, East Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I24439
14 Capell, Maud Ethel  193912, East Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I24439
15 Chamberlain, Annie Maria  1881St Marys Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I17515
16 Chambers, Ann  1861(20), Church Square, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I23011
17 Chambers, Mary Ann  191139, Caxton Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I15547
18 Clarke, Julia Louisa  1893Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I25731
19 Claypole, Ada Florence  1891East Farndon, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13092
20 Claypole, Ada Florence  18993, Goward Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13092
21 Claypole, Albert  1891East Farndon, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9930
22 Claypole, Albert  19013, Goward Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9930
23 Claypole, Albert  191112, Patrick Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9930
24 Claypole, Amy Ann  1901The Rectory, Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I12022
25 Claypole, Ann  19017, Cross Street, Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9927
26 Claypole, Ann  191121, Cross Street, Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9927
27 Claypole, Edwin  1901(9), Southfield Cottage, Nevill Holt, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I9931
28 Claypole, Ellen  1891(58), High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I12019
29 Claypole, Ernest  1891East Farndon, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13095
30 Claypole, Ernest  19013, Goward Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire I13095

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adkins / Eagle  1871Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13634
2 Almond / Green  1902Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13227
3 Almond / Stokes  1878Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13228
4 Atkins / [--?--]  1856Market Harborough, Leicestershire F501
5 Binley / Claypole  1936Market Harborough, Leicestershire F10299
6 Binley / Pitts  1931Market Harborough, Leicestershire F11898
7 Binley / Smith  1934Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13292
8 Bishop / Freestone  20 Dec 1900Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire F12718
9 Burditt / Mattock  1857Market Harborough, Leicestershire F837
10 Burditt / Maydwell  1838Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13890
11 Buxton / Garner  1940Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13654
12 Chamberlain / Eames  1889Market Harborough, Leicestershire F10658
13 Chambers / Berridge  1886Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13887
14 Chambers / Seamark  1841Market Harborough, Leicestershire F10576
15 Clamp / Crofts  1866Market Harborough, Leicestershire F10744
16 Clarke / Chambers  1869Market Harborough, Leicestershire F12723
17 Clarke / Freestone  8 Dec 1900Market Harborough, Leicestershire F12720
18 Clarke / Freestone  5 Aug 1905Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire F12722
19 Claypole / Ballard  1911Market Harborough, Leicestershire F9656
20 Claypole / Driver  1946Market Harborough, Leicestershire F10010
21 Claypole / Lambert  1924Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13084
22 Dunkley / Spriggs  1866Market Harborough, Leicestershire F11790
23 Fradley / Burditt  8 Sep 1890Market Harborough, Leicestershire F10435
24 Gardner / Sheasby  1939Market Harborough, Leicestershire F11669
25 Green / Granger  1861Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13189
26 Green / Ward  1871Stoke Albany, Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13190
27 Haddon / Capell  1908Market Harborough, Leicestershire F12744
28 Haddon / Putterill  1934Market Harborough, Leicestershire F12738
29 Horsley / Bayes  1926Market Harborough, Leicestershire F13871
30 Horsley / Chapman  1894Market Harborough, Leicestershire F12182

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