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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashcroft, Richard  1904Liverpool, Merseyside I8894
2 Bell, Arthur E  1873Liverpool, Merseyside I15303
3 Bell, Charlotte  1865Liverpool, Merseyside I15301
4 Bell, Clara  1862Liverpool, Merseyside I15299
5 Bell, Hannah Maria  1856Liverpool, Merseyside I15286
6 Bell, John W  1871Liverpool, Merseyside I15302
7 Bell, Thomas  1864Liverpool, Merseyside I15300
8 Bird, Alfred  1881Liverpool, Merseyside I15287
9 Bird, Frederick  3 Dec 1885Liverpool, Merseyside I15283
10 Bird, Harold  10 Jan 1883Liverpool, Merseyside I15288
11 Bird, Hazel R  30 Nov 1921Liverpool, Merseyside I15306
12 Bird, Mervyn William  1 Dec 1919Liverpool, Merseyside I15304
13 Bird, Reginald Trevithick  3 Nov 1923Liverpool, Merseyside I15307
14 Carney, Norah  Abt 1905Liverpool, Merseyside I14753
15 Craddock, Amy  1902Liverpool, Merseyside I23655
16 Craddock, Frederick Robert  1909Liverpool, Merseyside I23658
17 Craddock, May  1906Liverpool, Merseyside I23657
18 Craddock, Sarah  1904Liverpool, Merseyside I23656
19 Crane, Ernest  1898Liverpool, Merseyside I16116
20 Crane, George R  14 Oct 1895Liverpool, Merseyside I16115
21 Crane, Mary Margaret  1894Liverpool, Merseyside I16117
22 Creamer, Agnes  1877Toxteth, Liverpool, Merseyside I25602
23 Davies, David Walkingshaw  1910Liverpool, Merseyside I11725
24 Davies, Dorothy Margaret  1902Liverpool, Merseyside I11724
25 Davies, Norman Hector  29 Mar 1906Liverpool, Merseyside I728
26 Dunmore, Eliza  1854Liverpool, Merseyside I15863
27 Flannery, Ellen  20 Feb 1917Liverpool, Merseyside I14751
28 Green, Henry  1909Liverpool, Merseyside I25710
29 Griffiths, Mary Ann  Abt 1843Liverpool, Merseyside I14781
30 Helsby, Lilian  Abt 1910Liverpool, Merseyside I14757

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bird, Frederick  17 Jan 1886St Paul's Church, Brock Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15283
2 Creamer, Anna Mary  18 Oct 1874St Thomas' Church, Toxteth, Liverpool, Merseyside I15877
3 Creamer, Eleanor  16 Apr 1876Liverpool, Merseyside I25601
4 Tansley, Ivy Mary Agnes  25 Sep 1900St Peter's Church, Church Street, Liverpool, Merseyside I15878


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bird, Frederick  19 Jul 1970Liverpool, Merseyside I15283
2 Bird, George Henry  Abt 1887Liverpool, Merseyside I15285
3 Creamer, Eleanor  1876Liverpool, Merseyside I25601
4 Creamer, George  24 Jan 1895West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside I25599
5 Griffiths, Mary Ann  15 May 1893Liverpool, Merseyside I14781
6 Hook, John Lupino  1872Liverpool, Merseyside I11831
7 James, David  Bef 1901Liverpool, Merseyside I15289
8 Kenyon, Alice  1876Liverpool, Merseyside I14655
9 Kermode, William Teare  14 Jan 1987Liverpool, Merseyside I14736
10 Leevol, Ann Gelena  27 May 1951Liverpool, Merseyside I14727
11 Leevol, John Andreas  20 Jun 1900Toxteth Workhouse, Smithdown Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I14734
12 Lynch, Laurence  1884Liverpool, Merseyside I14663
13 McDonough, Winifred  19 Dec 1882Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I14735
14 Roberts, Ellen  1904Liverpool, Merseyside I6461
15 Robinson, Elizabeth  1900Liverpool, Merseyside I16157
16 Tansley, Alfred Henry  14 Feb 1909West Derby Union Infirmary, Liverpool, Merseyside I15865
17 Williams, Arthur  12 Feb 1963Liverpool, Merseyside I14730
18 Williams, Arthur Edward  12 Apr 1945Liverpool, Merseyside I7559
19 Williams, Gerard  6 Oct 1991Liverpool, Merseyside I14732
20 Williams, John William  22 Jun 1968Liverpool, Merseyside I14731
21 Williams, Mary Agnes  Nov 2006Liverpool, Merseyside I14733
22 Williams, Roy Alan  1996Liverpool, Merseyside I14763


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Anker, Barbara  21 May 1921RMS Empress of Britain, Liverpool, Merseyside I13186
2 Anker, Gwendoline  25 May 1921RMS Empress of Britain, Liverpool, Merseyside I13293
3 Arnett, Lilian Constance  30 May 1924Liverpool, Merseyside I27527
4 Carpenter, Harold Edward  21 Jul 1904SS Southwark, Liverpool, Merseyside I16591
5 Carpenter, Percy St John  21 Jul 1904SS Southwark, Liverpool, Merseyside I16592
6 Chamberlain, Alfred Edward  25 Apr 1925SS Letitia, Liverpool, Merseyside I21613
7 Chamberlain, Cynthia Mary Elizabeth  25 Apr 1925SS Letitia, Liverpool, Merseyside I27583
8 Chamberlain, Ralph  25 Apr 1925SS Letitia, Liverpool, Merseyside I27578
9 Clark, Dorothy Ellen  16 Sep 1914RMS Olympic, Liverpool, Merseyside I13292
10 Clark, Dorothy Ellen  25 May 1921RMS Empress of Britain, Liverpool, Merseyside I13292
11 Claypole, Thomas John  3 Aug 1923RMS Doric, Liverpool, Merseyside I11113
12 Claypole, William Abbott  24 Apr 1924RMS Athenia, Liverpool, Merseyside I13161
13 Craxford, Ada Jane  14 Oct 1922SS Regina, Liverpool, Merseyside I220
14 Craxford, John  25 May 1912RMS Carthaginian, Liverpool, Merseyside I221
15 Croxton, George Christopher  Sep 1916RMS Minnedosa, Liverpool, Merseyside I19344
16 Kemshead, Ethel May  15 Aug 1912RMS Virginian, Liverpool, Merseyside I13778
17 Kemshead, Florence Ellen  15 Aug 1912RMS Virginian, Liverpool, Merseyside I13067
18 Kemshead, George Albert  15 Aug 1912RMS Virginian, Liverpool, Merseyside I12570
19 Kemshead, Margaret Ellen W  15 Aug 1912RMS Virginian, Liverpool, Merseyside I13785
20 Matkin, Frederick George  31/6/1907RMS Virginian, Liverpool, Merseyside I16619
21 Platt, Lucy Ellen  Jul 1914RMS Victorian, Liverpool, Merseyside I19282
22 Powell, Percival Henry  7 Dec 1945SS Cavina, Liverpool, Merseyside I10731
23 Tilley, Alfred Robert  1 Jan 1914RMS Alaunia, Liverpool, Merseyside I11613
24 Tilley, Mary Elizabeth  15 Aug 1912RMS Virginian, Liverpool, Merseyside I9871


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Craxford, Charlotte  4 May 1896RMS Gallia, Liverpool, Merseyside I65
2 Dickinson, Charles Frederick St George  4 May 1896RMS Gallia, Liverpool, Merseyside I21094
3 Dickinson, Elizabeth Newby  4 May 1896RMS Gallia, Liverpool, Merseyside I21095
4 Dickinson, William  4 May 1896RMS Gallia, Liverpool, Merseyside I10433
5 Ward, Alice Emily  28 Jan 1945SS Andes, Liverpool, Merseyside I955


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Davies, Norman Hector  Between 1935 and 196964, Muirhead Avenue East, Liverpool, Merseyside I728
2 Davies, Norman Hector  196966, Muirhead Avenue East, Liverpool, Merseyside I728
3 Roberts, Ellen  1861Grosvenor Street, Liverpool, Merseyside I6461


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Archbold, Rachel  186161, Greenside, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15293
2 Archbold, Rachel  187111, Perth Street, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15293
3 Ball, Margaret  1911143, Kensington, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside I25709
4 Bell, Arthur E  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15303
5 Bell, Charlotte  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15301
6 Bell, Clara  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15299
7 Bell, Frederick  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15290
8 Bell, Hannah Maria  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15286
9 Bell, Hannah Maria  189156, Stanley Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15286
10 Bell, Hannah Maria  190141, Orwell Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15286
11 Bell, Hannah Maria  191152, Rumney Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15286
12 Bell, John W  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15302
13 Bell, Thomas  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15300
14 Biddall, Victor Sinclair Freeman  19178, Stamford Street, Liverpool, Merseyside I19726
15 Bird, Alfred  1881103, Warwick Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside I15287
16 Bird, Alfred  189156, Stanley Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15287
17 Bird, Alfred  191152, Rumney Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15287
18 Bird, Charles B  187111, Perth Street, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15297
19 Bird, Eleanor R  187111, Perth Street, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15298
20 Bird, Frederick  189156, Stanley Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15283
21 Bird, Frederick  190141, Orwell Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15283
22 Bird, Frederick  191152, Rumney Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15283
23 Bird, George Henry  186161, Greenside, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15285
24 Bird, George Henry  187111, Perth Street, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15285
25 Bird, Georgiana  186161, Greenside, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15296
26 Bird, Georgiana  187111, Perth Street, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15296
27 Bird, Harold  189156, Stanley Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15288
28 Bird, Harold  190141, Orwell Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Merseyside I15288
29 Bird, John W  186161, Greenside, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15294
30 Bird, John W  187111, Perth Street, Everton, Liverpool, Merseyside I15294

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bemrose / McDonald  1941Liverpool, Merseyside F10931
2 Bird / Bell  1878Liverpool, Merseyside F9995
3 Craddock / Menear  1899Liverpool, Merseyside F12510
4 Crane / Robinson  1892Liverpool, Merseyside F10244
5 Davies / Kidd  25 Jun 1932St Aidan's Church, Liverpool, Merseyside F8333
6 Davies / Williams  29 Mar 1954Register Office, Liverpool, Merseyside F197
7 Davies / Wilson  27 Oct 1899St Peter's Church, Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside F253
8 Green / Fidler  1906Liverpool, Merseyside F13172
9 James / Bell  1892Liverpool, Merseyside F9996
10 Kermode / Lynch  1910Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside F9836
11 Kermode / Williams  3 Dec 1941St Brigit's Church, Wavertree, Liverpool, Merseyside F9834
12 Leevol / McDonough  1 Oct 1873Liverpool, Merseyside F9833
13 Lynch / Swinchatt  1880Liverpool, Merseyside F9808
14 Maydwell / Brown  1838Liverpool, Merseyside F10327
15 Murray / Lynch  1909Liverpool, Merseyside F9815
16 Nelson / Williams  26 Dec 1925Liverpool, Merseyside F9840
17 Pain / Williams  30 Jun 1899Liverpool, Merseyside F9847
18 Swinchatt / Evans  1903Liverpool, Merseyside F9809
19 Swinchatt / Kemp  1870Liverpool, Merseyside F9805
20 Swinchatt / Kenyon  1873Liverpool, Merseyside F9807
21 Swinchatt / Roberts  1839Liverpool, Merseyside F887
22 Tansley / Creamer  12 Nov 1899St Augustine's Church, Shaw Street, Liverpool, Merseyside F10168
23 Tudor / Craddock  1930Liverpool, Merseyside F12511
24 Unwin / Swinchatt  23 Sep 1883St Mary's Church, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside F341
25 Voas / Swinchatt  1897Liverpool, Merseyside F9810
26 Wareing / Williams  7 Oct 1923St Stephen the Martyr, Edge Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside F9837
27 Williams / Carney  26 Dec 1931Liverpool, Merseyside F9841
28 Williams / Flannery  5 Jun 1937St Cleopas Church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside F9839
29 Williams / Helsby  4 Aug 1934Liverpool, Merseyside F9842
30 Williams / Leevol  1901Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Merseyside F7166
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