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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bingham, Margaret Ann  23 Nov 1843Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9191
2 Hood, Amelia Ann  1830Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9091
3 Hood, Caroline  1829Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9090
4 Hood, Charles  1833Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9207
5 Hood, Elizabeth Ann  12 Jul 1854Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9350
6 Hood, Elizabeth Matson  1835Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9208
7 Hood, Elizabeth Matson  1840Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9210
8 Hood, George Richard  1868Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9301
9 Hood, James Alexander  1835Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9093
10 Hood, James Alexander  1868Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9193
11 Hood, Jane Ann  1826Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9088
12 Hood, John Richard Baker  24 May 1860Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9262
13 Hood, Lucy  1857Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9351
14 Hood, Lydia Cox  1837Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9209
15 Hood, Mary Ann  1846Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9212
16 Hood, Mary Jane  24 Mar 1842Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9349
17 Hood, Rebecca  1833Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9092
18 Hood, Richard  24 May 1850Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9213
19 Hood, Robert Bailey  1846Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9094
20 Hood, Sarah  1828Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9089
21 Hood, Susan Matson  1843Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9211
22 Hood, Walter James  25 Jun 1873Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9195
23 Hood, William Herbert  1871Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9194
24 Laming, Alexander  1830Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9022
25 Laming, Alexander  1862Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9035
26 Laming, Ann Susannah  27 Sep 1865Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9037
27 Laming, Annie E  1869Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9031
28 Laming, Edward J  1863Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9036
29 Laming, Emma Lydia  1876Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9033
30 Laming, James R  1874Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9032

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Sarah Foreman  27 Oct 1877Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9206
2 Bailey, Ann  1887Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9087
3 Hood, Amelia Ann  1845Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9091
4 Hood, Edward  1876Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I8821
5 Hood, Elizabeth Matson  1844Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9210
6 Hood, James Alexander  13 Jun 1882Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I8816
7 Hood, Mary Ann  1925Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9212
8 Hood, Rebecca  1870Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9092
9 Hood, Richard  1874Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I8819
10 Hood, Robert Bailey  1846Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9094
11 Hood, Sarah  Feb 1913Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9089
12 Hood, William Alexander  1857Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9347
13 Pay, George  1901Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9108
14 Pay, James  1924Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9111
15 Pay, Robert  1942Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9115
16 Snelling, Ann Elizabeth  1917Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9116
17 Snelling, Florence Louise  1930Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hood, Edward  19 Oct 1876Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I8821
2 Hood, Elizabeth Ann  16 Mar 1917Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9350
3 Hood, James Alexander  17 Jun 1882Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I8816
4 Hood, Mary Ann  24 Dec 1925Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9212
5 Hood, Rebecca  12 Feb 1870Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9092
6 Hood, Richard  4 Sep 1874Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I8819
7 Hood, Robert Bailey  18 Aug 1846Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9094
8 Hood, Sarah  28 Feb 1913Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9089
9 Hood, William Alexander  1 Jan 1858Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9347
10 Pay, Olive Florence  2 Jul 1959Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9129
11 Pay, Robert  15 Apr 1942Kingsdown, Deal, Kent I9115


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fabian / Pay  6 Jan 1923Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8231
2 Hood / Bingham  25 Feb 1868Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8253
3 Hood / Garrett  12 Apr 1900Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8259
4 Hood / Pevy  7 Sep 1868Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8294
5 Hood / Wellard  26 Mar 1877Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8242
6 Hooper / Hood  24 Jan 1865Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8239
7 Pay / Hood  25 Aug 1855Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8228
8 Pay / Snelling  30 Nov 1891Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8230
9 Pay / Snelling  27 Sep 1893Kingsdown, Deal, Kent F8233
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