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Great Bowden, Leicestershire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
District/Village : Latitude: 52.49349444652272, Longitude: -0.9072303771972656


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Binley, Benjamin  1699Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15796
2 Binley, John  1674Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15792
3 Binley, John  1695Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15794
4 Binley, Josiah  1703Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15798
5 Binley, William  1698Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15795
6 Butler, Albert Prince  1858Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24965
7 Butler, Ernest C  21 Oct 1918Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22943
8 Butler, Lillian  16 Mar 1920Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22944
9 Chester, Mary  1703Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15797
10 Clarke, Edwin  1881Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24357
11 Claypole, Ebenezer  Abt 1839Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9926
12 Gilbert, Jane  1801Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22798
13 Gilbert, William  1830Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22924
14 Jarvis, Charlotte  1837Great Bowden, Leicestershire I21708
15 Jarvis, Eliza  1835Great Bowden, Leicestershire I21707
16 Jarvis, Joseph  1833Great Bowden, Leicestershire I21706
17 Jarvis, Maria  1826Great Bowden, Leicestershire I21705
18 Jarvis, Martha  1840Great Bowden, Leicestershire I21709
19 Said, Ernest H  1886Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15059
20 Sculthorpe, Constance Amelia  1909Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22937
21 Sculthorpe, Nelly  1891Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22934
22 Wentworth, Sarah  1674Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15793
23 White, Ada J  1891Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22939


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Clarke, Edwin  10 Apr 1881Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24357


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Binley, John  1695Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15794
2 Binley, John  1709Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15792
3 Sculthorpe, John William  Jun 1971Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22930
4 Wentworth, Sarah  1731Great Bowden, Leicestershire I15793


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sculthorpe, John William  9 Jun 1971Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beesworth, Mary Jane  1881(141), Shoulder of Mutton, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I27074
2 Berrill, Ellen Amelia  19119, The Green, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22936
3 Chapman, Alice Elizabeth  1911Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24413
4 Chapman, Alice Elizabeth  193919, Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24413
5 Claypole, Ann  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9927
6 Claypole, Ebenezer  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9926
7 Claypole, Elizabeth  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9920
8 Claypole, Frederick  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9923
9 Claypole, Hannah  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9925
10 Claypole, Henry  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9817
11 Claypole, Henry  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9815
12 Claypole, Job  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9921
13 Claypole, John Henry  1901Dingley Terrace, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9929
14 Claypole, Sarah  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9924
15 Claypole, Thomas  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9797
16 Payne, Naomi  1881(135), Shropshire Place, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24940
17 Putterill, Dorothy  1911Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24415
18 Putterill, Dorothy  193919, Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24415
19 Putterill, Grace  1911Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24414
20 Putterill, John Berry Thomas  1911Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I1677
21 Putterill, John Berry Thomas  193919, Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I1677
22 Putterill, John C  193919, Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24419
23 Putterill, Kate Rebecca  1911Fairfield Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I24416
24 Readhead, Hannah  1841Great Bowden, Leicestershire I9816
25 Sculthorpe, Constance Amelia  19119, The Green, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22937
26 Sculthorpe, Frederick Vincent  1891(190), Main Street, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22933
27 Sculthorpe, Frederick Vincent  190135, Main Street, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22933
28 Sculthorpe, Frederick Vincent  19115, Station Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22933
29 Sculthorpe, Gertrude Ellen  1891(190), Main Street, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22935
30 Sculthorpe, Gertrude Ellen  190135, Main Street, Great Bowden, Leicestershire I22935

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bull / Gilbert  23 Jan 1826Great Bowden, Leicestershire F12175
2 Butler / Sculthorpe  26 Dec 1914Great Bowden, Leicestershire F12228
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