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Blackwell, Derbyshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Arthur  1882Blackwell, Derbyshire I22403
2 Ball, John  Abt 1820Blackwell, Derbyshire I25256
3 Bonsal, Ann  1792Blackwell, Derbyshire I25255
4 Calow, Thomas  1883Blackwell, Derbyshire I22581
5 Kyte, Ann  1773Blackwell, Derbyshire I22530
6 Kyte, Elizabeth  1771Blackwell, Derbyshire I22529
7 Kyte, Francis  1773Blackwell, Derbyshire I24022
8 Kyte, Sarah  Abt 1777Blackwell, Derbyshire I12776
9 Marriott, Elizabeth  28 Sep 1855Blackwell, Derbyshire I6192
10 Naylor, Elsie  30 Dec 1884Blackwell, Derbyshire I6194
11 Norwood, Abraham  1830Blackwell, Derbyshire I25092
12 Norwood, Ann  1828Blackwell, Derbyshire I23468
13 Norwood, Elizabeth  1833Blackwell, Derbyshire I25093
14 Norwood, Rebecca  1825Blackwell, Derbyshire I25091
15 Severn, Alice  1888Blackwell, Derbyshire I26702
16 Severn, George  1886Blackwell, Derbyshire I26701
17 Severn, John William  1882Blackwell, Derbyshire I26700
18 Severn, Joseph  3 Sep 1883Blackwell, Derbyshire I10250
19 Severn, Mary Elizabeth  1880Blackwell, Derbyshire I26699
20 Smedley, Elizabeth  Abt 1783Blackwell, Derbyshire I25175
21 Tansley, Cecil  1885Blackwell, Derbyshire I28460
22 Tansley, Frederick  1883Blackwell, Derbyshire I28459
23 Vardy, Charles  Abt 1781Blackwell, Derbyshire I25174
24 Vardy, George  1783Blackwell, Derbyshire I25279
25 Vardy, Hannah  1806Blackwell, Derbyshire I25090
26 Vardy, James  1779Blackwell, Derbyshire I25273
27 Vardy, Joseph  1778Blackwell, Derbyshire I25254
28 Walters, Elijah  1878Blackwell, Derbyshire I22576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bonsal, Ann  21 Oct 1792Blackwell, Derbyshire I25255
2 Kyte, Ann  18 Sep 1785Blackwell, Derbyshire I12783
3 Kyte, Elizabeth  5 Jul 1771Blackwell, Derbyshire I22529
4 Kyte, Francis  13 Oct 1773Blackwell, Derbyshire I24022
5 Kyte, Francis Ball  11 Apr 1814Blackwell, Derbyshire I25165
6 Kyte, John  17 Oct 1775Blackwell, Derbyshire I12781
7 Kyte, Mary  18 Aug 1782Blackwell, Derbyshire I12785
8 Kyte, Sarah  7 Nov 1777Blackwell, Derbyshire I12776
9 Norwood, Abraham  31 Oct 1830Blackwell, Derbyshire I25092
10 Norwood, Ann  6 Jan 1828Blackwell, Derbyshire I23468
11 Norwood, Rebecca  3 Oct 1825Blackwell, Derbyshire I25091
12 Smedley, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1783Blackwell, Derbyshire I25175
13 Vardy, Charles  29 Apr 1781Blackwell, Derbyshire I25174
14 Vardy, George  15 Mar 1783Blackwell, Derbyshire I25279
15 Vardy, Hannah  15 Sep 1806Blackwell, Derbyshire I25090
16 Vardy, James  1 Mar 1779Blackwell, Derbyshire I25273


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amos, Ann  1818Blackwell, Derbyshire I12778
2 Ball, Isaiah  1870Blackwell, Derbyshire I12823
3 Kyte, Francis  1811Blackwell, Derbyshire I12777
4 Kyte, Samuel  1884Blackwell, Derbyshire I14810
5 Norwood, Abraham  1880Blackwell, Derbyshire I25092


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Amos, Ann  10 Nov 1818St Werburgh Church, Blackwell, Derbyshire I12778
2 Kyte, Francis  8 Oct 1811St Werburgh Church, Blackwell, Derbyshire I12777
3 Norwood, Abraham  10 Sep 1880Blackwell, Derbyshire I25092


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alvey, Eliza Jane  188111, Colliery Row, Blackwell, Derbyshire I24049
2 Alvey, James  188111, Colliery Row, Blackwell, Derbyshire I24048
3 Ball, Arthur  189177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22403
4 Ball, Arthur  190177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22403
5 Ball, Elizabeth Ann  190177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22405
6 Ball, Elizabeth Ann  1911North Street, Newton, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22405
7 Ball, John William  189177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22402
8 Ball, Selwyn  189177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22401
9 Ball, Selwyn  190177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22401
10 Ball, Selwyn  1911North Street, Newton, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22401
11 Duffield, Cynthia  193915, Mansfield Road, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22417
12 Gaskin, Sophia  188111, Colliery Row, Blackwell, Derbyshire I24046
13 Haywood, George  1881Colliery Row, Blackwell, Derbyshire I10982
14 Hopkinson, Annie  1939291, Water Lane, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22388
15 Marriott, Ann  189177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I11355
16 Marriott, Ann  190177, Colliery House, Blackwell, Derbyshire I11355
17 Marriott, Ann  1911North Street, Newton, Blackwell, Derbyshire I11355
18 Marriott, Elizabeth  1939108, Alfreton Road, Blackwell, Derbyshire I6192
19 Naylor, Edwin Ethelbert  1939291, Water Lane, Blackwell, Derbyshire I11429
20 Naylor, Harold  193919, Mansfield Road, Blackwell, Derbyshire I6193
21 Naylor, Hester  1939108, Alfreton Road, Blackwell, Derbyshire I10269
22 Naylor, Joseph  1939108, Alfreton Road, Blackwell, Derbyshire I403
23 Naylor, Wilfred  1939108, Alfreton Road, Blackwell, Derbyshire I10556
24 Rawlinson, Charlotte  1881172, Primrose Hill, Blackwell, Derbyshire I28453
25 Swain, Sidney  193915, Mansfield Road, Blackwell, Derbyshire I22420
26 Tansley, Adiel  1881172, Primrose Hill, Blackwell, Derbyshire I28458
27 Tansley, Amy Mary  1881172, Primrose Hill, Blackwell, Derbyshire I28457
28 Tansley, John Richard  1881172, Primrose Hill, Blackwell, Derbyshire I28456
29 Tansley, William  1881172, Primrose Hill, Blackwell, Derbyshire I13755
30 Tansley, William Edward  1881172, Primrose Hill, Blackwell, Derbyshire I28455

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ball / Jones  1911Blackwell Methodist Chapel, Blackwell, Derbyshire F12072
2 Ball / Vardy  28 Dec 1846Blackwell, Derbyshire F13019
3 Kyte / Amos  24 Oct 1770Blackwell, Derbyshire F9279
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