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Bedford, Bedfordshire


Tree: Extended Craxford Family
City/Town : Latitude: 52.13701779106575, Longitude: -0.4688072204589844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashwell, Eileen  12 Feb 1916Bedford, Bedfordshire I443
2 Cockayne, Herbert G  1874Bedford, Bedfordshire I25537
3 Ellingworth, Geoffrey Rowland  19 Dec 1915Bedford, Bedfordshire I19334
4 Green, Harriet  26 Jun 1849Bedford, Bedfordshire I527
5 Green, Horatio  Abt 1820Bedford, Bedfordshire I19237
6 Henley, William George  1871Bedford, Bedfordshire I21352
7 Horwood, Henry  1873Bedford, Bedfordshire I26455
8 Ivett, Albert Edward  1865Bedford, Bedfordshire I18918
9 Ivett, Annie  1862Bedford, Bedfordshire I21281
10 Ivett, Arthur  1866Bedford, Bedfordshire I21282
11 Ivett, Elizabeth  1858Ravensden, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21280
12 Ivett, Ephraim  1832Bedford, Bedfordshire I18919
13 Matkin, Margaret E  1917Bedford, Bedfordshire I19324
14 Matkin, Maud Ellen  Abt Jun 1874Bedford, Bedfordshire I528
15 Payne, George  Abt 1853Bedford, Bedfordshire I14443
16 Payne, James  Abt 1816Bedford, Bedfordshire I14441
17 Payne, James Adolph  1877Bedford, Bedfordshire I1398
18 Rubython, Arthur P  1921Bedford, Bedfordshire I21042
19 Sletcher, Aurea Rose  1900Renhold. Bedford, Bedfordshire I28251
20 [--?--], Mary  Abt 1813Bedford, Bedfordshire I14442


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldwinckle, Bartholomew  15 Apr 1888Bedford, Bedfordshire I26140
2 Crofts, Richard  25 Jun 1896Bedford, Bedfordshire I17521
3 Dumbleton, Alicia  1 Mar 1926Turvey, Bedford, Bedfordshire I1739
4 Horspool, Amy  16 Jul 1888Bedford, Bedfordshire I26141
5 Swift, Mary  28 Oct 1939Bedford, Bedfordshire I16617
6 Webb, Henrietta  27 Dec 1970Bedford, Bedfordshire I8419


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Aldwinckle, Bartholomew  Abt 18 Apr 1888Foster Hill Road Cemetery, Bedford, Bedfordshire I26140
2 Horspool, Amy  Abt 19 Jul 1888Foster Hill Road Cemetery, Bedford, Bedfordshire I26141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aldwinckle, Bartholomew  18714, Howard Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I26140
2 Cattell, Celia Jane  1911Bedford Union Workhouse, Kimbolton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21348
3 Cattell, Emily Gertrude  1911Bedford Union Workhouse, Kimbolton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21347
4 Cattell, George  1911Bedford Union Workhouse, Kimbolton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21345
5 Claypole, Emily Gertrude  193941, Chaucer Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I9822
6 Claypole, Hannah  18817, Park Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I9942
7 Claypole, Hannah  1911Bedford Union Workhouse, Kimbolton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I9942
8 Claypole, Sarah Elizabeth  18817, Park Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I9940
9 Claypole, Sarah Elizabeth  1911136, Hurst Grove, Bedford, Bedfordshire I9940
10 Cox, Phoebe White  18612, Conduit Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18920
11 Cox, Phoebe White  187144, Wellington Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18920
12 Horspool, Amy  18814, Howard Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I26141
13 Ivett, Albert Edward  187144, Wellington Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18918
14 Ivett, Albert Edward  188147, Well Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18918
15 Ivett, Annie  187144, Wellington Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21281
16 Ivett, Arthur  187144, Wellington Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21282
17 Ivett, Beatrice Margaret  1911136, Hurst Grove, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18923
18 Ivett, Edith Elizabeth  1911136, Hurst Grove, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18925
19 Ivett, Elizabeth  18612, Conduit Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21280
20 Ivett, Ephraim  18612, Conduit Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18919
21 Ivett, Henrietta May  1911136, Hurst Grove, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18924
22 Ivett, Sarah  18612, Conduit Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I21279
23 Matkin, Charles  187118, Costin Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire I244
24 Matkin, Joseph William  193913, Bradgate Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire I16618
25 Nutt, Arthur  1911136, Hurst Grove, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18932
26 Payne, George  1871The Eagle, 34 Castle Lane, Bedford, Bedfordshire I14443
27 Payne, James  1871The Eagle, 34 Castle Lane, Bedford, Bedfordshire I14441
28 Payne, James Adolph  1881The Eagle, 34 Castle Lane, Bedford, Bedfordshire I1398
29 Payne, William Drage  1871The Eagle, 34 Castle Lane, Bedford, Bedfordshire I1399
30 Peet, Arthur Harry  1911136, Hurst Grove, Bedford, Bedfordshire I18928

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ansell / Buttle  1940Bedford, Bedfordshire F10444
2 Britten / Parker  1895Bedford, Bedfordshire F12830
3 Cawkwell / Ivett  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire F11759
4 Ellingworth / Matkin  1940Bedford, Bedfordshire F11143
5 Ivett / Cox  1854Bedford, Bedfordshire F11020
6 Matkin / Green  1873Bedford, Bedfordshire F149
7 Sculthorpe / Berrill  1908Bedford, Bedfordshire F12223
8 York / Claypole  1909Bedford, Bedfordshire F13883
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