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We take great pains to protect the privacy of all family members, particularly those still alive. We have taken the somewhat arbitrary decision that people born after 1909 and without a known date of death will be presumed to be living. All names, dates and other information of living individuals are hidden behind a 'Living' flag to casual browsers and non-logged in users.
If you are a direct descendant or relative of a person listed on this website you can apply for a User Account which will provide you with a user name and password. This will allow access to the protected areas of the site and will remove the 'living' flag. In the Notes and Comments box on the registration form you must enter sufficient details (First Names and Surnames; B.M.D. dates etc) that will show your link to a known branch of the tree. Alternatively you may send this separately by email. This information will be checked and added to our database prior to activation of your account. Your request will be delayed and may be refused if this is not provided. Once activated, you will have joined 'the living'!!
NOTE: This user account does not give access to the TARTAN pages database.

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