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Family of Mary Claypole and William Baker

m. 1843 (F11813)

Family chart 

Edward Baker
Male (1777-1848)
Alice Ogden
Female (1780-1823)
John Baker
Male (1809-1861)
Ann Baker
Female (1811-1824)
Thomas Baker
Male (1814-1858)
Henry Baker
Male (1819-1819)
John Claypole
Male (1773-1858)
Sarah Ashby
Female (1777-1855)
Henry Claypole
Male (1797-1853)
Mary Claypole
Female (1798-1798)
William Claypole
Male (1802-1875)
Ann Claypole
Female (1807-1865)
Sarah Claypole
Female (1810-1892)
Elizabeth Claypole
Female (1814-1882)
John Claypole
Male (1816-1903)
Thomas Claypole
Male (1819-1861)
William Baker
Male (1816-1883)Relationship
Mary Claypole
Female (1804-1888)Relationship
John Baker
Male (1845-1920)
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